DM: The Rewarder

Often we find changing a habit or working toward a goal difficult. The Rewarder has been created to help us do that effortlessly and with joy. Human beings are motivated by feelings- pain brings aversion and pleasure brings attraction. Many people find it difficult to change a habit or begin new things because they feel more pain than pleasure at the beginning. Or more pleasure from the old pattern. What can be the best way to change a habit or to work toward a goal that you feel or think is so difficult?

So, what this mandala does is just the opposite. Each time you have a thought or take an action even a very small one towards your goal, you will feel extreme pleasure which will increase as you move closer towards the goal. This will create attraction to that goal automatically. You just need to tell the mandala your goal or goals that want to achieve and it will start working.

The mandala will also create an unpleasant feeling towards old unwanted and or unproductive patterns of behavior, so the user develops aversion towards the patterns which need to be overcome to attain the goal as soon as possible.

In addition, the mandala will guide and direct the user to the best approach personalized for that specific person to achieve the desired result. The user will feel that they really want to do what brings them closer to their goal, will feel great satisfaction even with small steps taken toward the goal, and at the same time will remain totally detached from the outcome because they will be focusing more on enjoying the path.

Audio works for 24 hours and the mandala 24/7.


This field will be uploaded also to Youtube in a few days.


I think I’m going to get this today. If a field can make me feel bad about YouTube and podcast binging and good about starting a business, basically swap the way I feel about those two things, it would have to become one of my top favorites and a real life changer.


The Rewarder + Life Coach is going to be a great combination


And don’t forget The Doer


I’m so happy Maitreya did my idea, if this can help a lot of people, for me is better than any reward. I liked the idea to see the typical “no pain no gain” just as a limiting belief and find ways to change that concept. Hope works well for everyone as the description!


So this is activated manually
, for example i want to start a business

Ill just tell it -“Rewarder, help me with my goal to start a business” ??




I can’t wait for the audio. :smiley:

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You do have a point, I appreciate your input. I may do just that. Any experience on this with you? :smiley: Please share.

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Brahmacarya v2.1 has basically kept me porn free through its “pain” feature, 115 days.

Second longest and most transformative streak of NoFAP for me. This is definitely a must-buy, but I’ll wait for a while as too many great things are being released (good problems to have :P)


Just bought it. Works great as well as a wallpaper. Love it! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve tested several things with this. The one DM I surprisingly found to really let the results of this DM shine through is Trauma Clearing. Might not be the same for everyone but I wanted to give this tip because I think it will be the same for some.

Trauma Clearing might not be something you want to wear 24/7, and if not, you can try wearing it just while you sleep.


For me, this one is stronger than “The Doer”

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88 USD vs 30 USD …

This one had me completing so much and an incredible boost of focus and enjoyment from doing things that are good for me and ignoring useless stuff. What an incredible creation!


They are different but relationed.
I think they can complement to each other well.

What is the difference between mandala and audio, if I listen to audio every 24 hours to create a continuous effect?

Audio fields have different energy than mandalas. Mandalas are designed to work 24/7, and they are 3x stronger.

The fields on YouTube are felt more strongly than mandalas due to the different frequencies. The farther your frequency is from the field, the harder it is to feel it. This means the results can be faster achievable, and permanent integration into the energy system can be quicker.

Boosted versions work with higher vibrations, more on the etheric body, so the person who uses them must be very energy-sensitive to be able to feel them. It doesn’t mean the field is not working if you don’t feel sensations.


Does a mandala have another advantage over audio in that it can have ‘goals’ added to it at any time?
Additionally, I would like to know how I should designate communication with this mandala when it is under the management of a manager, in order to have ‘goals’ added for me.