DM: Send Unconditional Love

With this mandala you can send pure unconditional love to people/animals/plants/Earth and whatever else you want to.

Give intention to the mandala to send to … Name / Animal / etc … then hold that image in your mind for a few minutes. Try to feel/see how unconditional love is filling the person’s body all over from head to feet - all their organs and cells.


Thank you, Maitreya.


Just to be sure…

So I look at the mandala (screen, print, etc.), I state my intention to send love to “Jane Doe” and then when I have to hold “that image” for a few minutes… does this mean I need to be able to visualize the person perfectly or can I just think of the energies finding them and benefiting them? So instead of a perfect mental image could I see a person full of white light or something to that effect?

Itching to use this but I’m a beginner.

I like this mandala very much.

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Visualization is always a good point in subtle energies, but an important thing is intention. Intend the energy to go to a person with a little information (or as much information as possible) that you can provide, and it will work, test and tell us how it is


Thanks. I think I’ll place the DM and a picture of the person side by side and just try my best. I’ll report back if there’s something to report. Fingers crossed!

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Does anyone know if there is a limit to use this DM?
I thought many people in succession without any pause for about 10 minutes and I feel so tired in my chest.
Is it only because I’m weak to this or for another reason?
I wanna spend a bit of my daily time for this.
Hope that I only need to strenghten…my involuntary muscle! :slight_smile:

Why not use other person photo and command this DM to send unconditional love to them.

So you don’t always have to focus on it.

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I would say focus on making sure you have unconditional love for yourself first and then use this more often. The first person to send to is yourself :slight_smile:


Could I use this technique also for other fields?

The first person in the world that I love is just myself! ahahahahah
I was talking about the physical intensity…It was so strong that I need to move away from the DM on the monitor to recovery.

Do you think guys that i have to use first the dearmoning field?

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Yes, like mystery box, reality shifter, even GTFO DM field can understand command.


Make it often and this feeling will clear some blocks in you and help you in your life also. It will push those things that now make you feel tired in your chest.
When big energy is moving through the body and we have some blockages / or it’s very strong these effects can happen. But with often use they pass away, because we train our heart/love/compassion like a muscle and it becomes stronger.


Does it understand also for a specific situation and/or for a lenght of time? Because I’ll use it for a family member!

Thank you again Maitreya, you confirmed what I thought!