DM: SBR Part 4: Mimic

And finally, mimic of the limitless drug NZT-48. This field contains the energetic signature of this drug from fictional movie limitless. Which allows you to experience similar effects from the movie with large raising in your vibrational state. It’s included in this audio so that you can use your mind to think with full capacity that has no limiting beliefs or anything that’s holding your thought. You will feel like a new self that doesn’t have any blocks from your past, with a clear and sharp mind.


@Maitreya if possible, can you please also offer a SBR bundle with all of these mandalas for a bit of discount? :pray:

These along with Limit Breaker are probably the most important mandalas most people need.

Also, do these 4 replace the earlier SBR mandala?


yes compared to these that one is avarage


Which one is the earlier SBR mandala?

When an individual takes NZT, their intellectual capabilities increase exponentially.

  • Hypermind: Users possess a high level of intellectual and cognitive proficiency. They can process massive amounts of information. They can process an otherwise improbable number of simultaneous calculations, identify all of the variables in any situation, and rapidly cross-correlate previously accessed information (including information accessed-even with minimal attention-before taking the drug).

  • Perfect recall : Users can flawlessly remember and rapidly recall everything they have ever experienced, encountered or learned in their lifetime without being overwhelmed. They need only to read, hear or see something once and they will never forget it. Their brain and mind gains unlimited storage and analytical capacity.

  • Instant learning: Users can gather and assimilate any kind of knowledge/skill and understand it fully and rapidly. They can read things at extremely high speeds while still retaining all of the information.

  • Instant analysis: Users can subconsciously notice, process and understands the details of any stimulus, no matter how small, as well as perceives and understand a large number of cause and effect relations. Thus deducing the path leading to any effects, allowing them to intuitively plan, analyse, and take action efficiently without trouble. They are capable of creating functionally flawless, elaborate plans. Users can deduce the steps needed to succeed at any given task and execute them perfectly.

  • Omnilingualism: Users have the ability to rapidly gain fluency in most known forms of communication, often becoming fluent through newly available memories of prior exposures.

  • Superhuman Charisma: Users become eloquent speakers, orators, and story-tellers, as a side effect of the additional abilities afforded by the drug. They become infallibly persuasive and charismatic. They can usually deduce the ideal statements for most crowds. Their uncanny charisma allows them to easily take leadership role in any situations.

  • Superhuman dexterity: Users possesses perfect muscle control, they can perform any physical act without difficulty. They perform dexterous task with no practice beforehand rapidly and flawlessly. They can copy any movement/action after seeing it performed once. They can control their own vocal cords allowing them to freely manipulate their voice.

  • Multitasking : Users are able to perform multiple tasks at once. For example, they can solve a Rubik’s Cube with one hand and draw a perfect copy of one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s self portraits with his other hand. Read through 100 pages of documents, mentally solve complex math problems, whilst speaking Farsi, all without anyone task distracting them from another. They can do many things all at the same time efficiently and flawlessly.

  • Superhuman sensory absorption: Users can absorb information from all types of media at a superhuman rate. Able to sit in a room with hundreds of television and radio sets blaring away all around him each with a different source, process it all, finding patterns or specific details.

  • Superhuman instincts: User possesses a mind and instincts which processes the world in the most advance and efficient manner. Able to find solutions to all kinds of a problems that they may face, using both the logical and illogical sense and strategies. They will make the right decision in most situations, multiplying there survivability and success rate, allowing them to often pull victory despite all odds.

  • Hyper competence : Users can become proficient at many tasks/skills. They can handle situations and matters, regardless of the problem, situation or conflict, and they will know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

  • Enhanced Synesthesia : User possesses the ability to “see” odors and trace them down to where the smell fades or is too indistinguishable from other smells to trace any further.


Oh man I’m just waiting for the reviews for this one. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hm, this is where it becomes difficult for me to understand. It makes sense to me that existing substances such as vitamins or protein can be converted into energy. But NZT-48 doesn’t really exist, it’s a scriptwriter’s invention. So it doesn’t have a real template, how can you do that? If you can do something like that, what someone has thought up, then in principle anything would be possible.
In the series 4400 - The Returnees, someone had developed a pill near the end of the series that gave ordinary people a 50:50 chance of either developing superpowers or dying in the process. Well I’ve always wondered if I would take the chance. So in principle one should also be able to implement something like this energetically?


Limits exist only in our heads. :slight_smile:


Wow @Maitreya ! I was about to purchase your Subcon Connector DM after I bought the Reality Shifter DM last month and this comes out just now. For me, this is too good to pass up! I’m going to get them one at a time to integrate each one on my system. Thanks for making this DM available for us!


Could the new SBR series have detox effects? I am using them since this morning and feel totally drained, tired and sick.


You bought them all? Don’t use all at once if you did. And yes it’s possible
Also keep in mind her mandalas are stronger than it was before so you guys should reduce your numbers in terms of using mandalas cuz now it will require more energy for using them

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Yes!! I got all of them lol and currently have all four of them + Limit Breaker + Fat Loss + Mutant Soldier


No wonder you’re feeling drained, tired and sick! :rofl: Go easy with them brother, haha :laughing:


Any thoughts or suggestions on what is a good number? One at a time? :slight_smile:

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For those 1 at a time would be good but if you feel like trying two just see how you feel using 2. If you find you are still feeling drained, tired, sick, then allow yourself to assimilate to the energies of 1 at a time.

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oh my god (even though i don’t really have a god i believe in lol) :ok_man:t3:.
Just imagining having half the results mentioned in MrNobody’s comment, my brain is running away from my head hahaha, love it.

Comment on possible outcomes are linked here

@Maitreya , Can you please do the same with the movie LUCY,By actress scarlett johansson (Lucy Miller in the movie), who uses a drug called CPH4 (experimental synthetic product).

Or make a mandala that copies without negative effects products (usable by the body) of your choice in all the multiverse…lol.


I think the numbers from Lucy stands for DNA Activation.

highly possible. In the film I believe they refer more to the activation of the powers of the brain and the mind.