DM: Limit breaker

This mandala has only one purpose. And it’s to increase your energy level by pushing your own limits. What this does is that it slowly surpasses your limit to contain energy and high vibration. We all have a certain limit of how much energy we can hold in our body. And how high our vibration can go. What if it was possible to break that boundary and go even further? This exactly does that. It works slowly at your personal pace to expand your energy system and make your energy body stronger every moment without any fixed limit. And the best part is that this doesn’t even use your own energy. It gathers energy from the environment and stores it. Then slowly install it in your own energy system so that you never feel exhausted no matter how many fields you listen or how much energy work you do.

So you can now listen to more fields without feeling drained or slowing down the result. But keep in mind that if your energy level is low by default and you’re an average joe also not advanced at energy work then it will take a bit time to expand your aura and energy system. So don’t expect overnight results. On the other hand you can also use the energy from the mandala in many energy work as well based on your intention…To charge your intention, healing etc so there’s many possibilities. It also makes sure that you’re always at a higher level of vibration at your max limit (Which will slowly increase overtime).it automatically detects your vibrational level and raises your vibration at higher level if it gets low for any reason.

It’s purpose is to increase your capacity and keep your energy system fully balanced so you can have healthy spiritual growth. So if you are overwhelmed by fields or any other energy then it will ground the excess energy automatically. Overall it can make your aura, energy body stronger and increase your energy and vibration holding capacity while balancing energies in your body at same time. It’s best for starters who are new to fields as well. It can also aid in many different types of energy work since it doesn’t use your own energy but instead the energy from the matrix itself and we live in an infinite sea of energy so there’s no chance you’ll ever run out of it.


Omgg thx for the mandala.Does this include how many other field mandalas we are holding?

@Maitreya how to use it?Do you have the command ACTIVATE for it?Or just thinking about it?

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Strong Energy System and Aura!

This is so much needed, no more exausted from fields

I need more capacity, level Super Sayan!



Took 10 mandalas with me and Limit Breaker

It works exactly like described




I have 6 Maitreya mandalas and 4 sapien tags and so far not tired! Generally by now I would be sleepy and tired with so many items.



I wonder who wrote this descripion…:smirk:


Good stuff, insta-buy for sure


@anon76712240 wow great result.Have you try the energy of the mandala for your intention?


How does “Limit Breaker Mandala” combine with “Grounding & Earthing Mandala”?
Does it make sense to use both together?
Would the Grounding & Earthing perhaps reduce the power of the Limit Breaker?
I was thinking about buying “Grounding & Earthing Mandala”, but now that the “Limit Breaker” exists, I am not sure whether there are synergies or actually this combo would not go that well together to be used at the same time?
Any thoughts?
Maybe they go well together, I am just not sure.


Grounding is a natural process, there is no way to conflict with any other audio.


Needed this as I feel like I’m able to handle less morphic fields lately. It for certain does raise your vibration. I can tell by the immense sense of calm I’ve had coursing throughout my being the 3 hours I’ve been using it so far. Grounding and balancing is there for certain. I also caught a small glimpse of its ability to amplify and help manifest intentions as well.This seems to act as many other fields from both maitreya ans sapien combined. Artwork is captivating as well to say the least. Seems to boost my energy levels with intention too.


Is the range for this 2cm or?

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30 cm


Thank you so much for the info!


hi, just curious but I’ve read that when you print a mandala out in like lets say 35 squares per one copy ( 1 sheet of paper ) it works, just out of curiosity does the same apply for yours?


The same mandala? It will work but it’s not gonna increase the power of it

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so will it not work or less effective or will work the same? a little confused

It will work the same.


Not sure what it is about the effects of this mandala but I just got back from the gym and I got more stares then even the best looking women in there lol. Perhaps the size and strength of my aura can be felt with this.