DM: Limitless Study

increase photographic memory
increase mental clarity
increase focus and concentration
increase creativity
increase intelligence
increase visualisation
increase capacity to absorb information
increase motivation for learning new stuff
can easily see and recall all new information in mind
having fun while learning


omg mai has done it again…love all the mandalaaa :heart::heart:


Very complete and useful but not speed reading?


Ah, I saw another mandala for speed reading


how is it going?

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@Maitreya , can a 14 year old student use it? Thanks.

just got this i hope its worth it

btw is it okay to print in black and white

Better not as some changes happen in the brain and it’s not very good to mess up in that moment. For teenargers are better audios - 1/2 listening per day.


Yes, you can print it black and white


with a friend we used this field to download books, and we physically felt a kind of small whirlpools enter our respective brains,we could feel this sensation on the temples or at the base of the nose and other types of sensations more lightly on the friend reported to me that his study regarding the subjects that we had downloaded from books, was much easier by half.Personally, I did not have the impression that my learning was easier on these subjects, but maybe because basic it was already very easy for me.anyway, I haven’t tried to recover that knowledge yet.

I also may not know exactly how to retrieve download information from books yet.I will try next time with other books on other subjects.


Any updates on this mandala? What kind of results?
Edit: Bought it myself now that studies start again. Will give review later on.

Update1: after a week of using it. Calculus 3 course is neither boring nor enjoyable. But im bearing with it. Calculus 2 course on the other hand was effin killing me. This mandala must be working with the enjoying part as that area seems to be improved. Will update further as things progress.


I just bought it, and the very first impression is my brain tingling


I am also thinking about buying it, the description mentions increasing things like intelligence, now how big can we except the increase to be?

I am studying for exams, so the “having fun while learning” would come in handy.

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I never place limits, but here’s a measure…so I’m a few months into a new job…first 3 months is extensive training and lot’s of pressure to pass certification based exams…I’ve been using this for a while now, and not only did I finish up training early, but also 1:1 in passing all exams so far. I’m doing a superficial read of material, to understand concepts but that’s about it. I’m also challenged that aspects of 3-D life are just boring now, and this is one of them, but we all have to eat, and pay bills, so it serves the purpose. But when I use this, makes me feel like I ‘want’ to study…


Alright, my review.

This works like a gem. I combine this with “The Doer” and few others, but I really have the impression that both of them makes me study literally NON-STOP. I didn’t recognize myself on this level lol (I’m pretty the lazy type guy). The shift on my lazyness since I got them, its insane man holy s**t.

If you are a person in college, get this one, it’s life changing.



My ability to focus and concentrate has improved dramatically, so has my attention span, memory recall, and store information and mental clarity.
I can say for sure that I feel motivated/willing to learn, I even bought a book on how to study and some books for business… n I feel encouraged for my next study session. I got kicked out of school for not completing the work and I would sleep in exams… this is night and day!


:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: it’s incredible this change, congratulations.

I used this mandala for a while, and at times I could feel my brain restructure … and today I see better memory, better attention, better concentration, better understanding, willingness and desire to learn.I would love if it’s results will continue to improve more and more over time.


Great results :smiley:

thanks Im enjoying it, and its just the beginning