DM: SBR Part 1: Ancestral and DNA

Removes all past life, ancestral, dna and parental blocks. We are made from the DNA of our parents in general which is also a forum of energy. Therefore their beliefs and thought patterns can influence us hugely. This audio can remove subconscious blocks from past lives, different realities, ancestral blocks and any kind of energetic blockage that’s not part of you. It also removes ancestral, parental and DNA blocks that you got from previous lives which are still affecting you on all levels. It’s like a complete reset of the belief system which allows you to install any belief you desire.



This series is so important

I don’t know how you continue to think up ways to outdo yourself the way you do like this but am excited to see how many more times I’ll see a new release and be like “… now THIS/THESE are the most important fields to have!” or “now with these, THESE new combinations and stuff now available is the way to go!” or whatever lol

Thank you though these are now added onto my “idk when but I WILL have these” list lol


This is absolutely one of the important DMs for me.

I used it for 10 days in a row during meditation. Perhaps i have many heavy karma or negative energy? This DM did some magic, and at the 8th day, i saw a huge bright white light behind the right side of my back. My right back has energy blockage round my kidney, and it could not go upward to the brain. The light did something, the bloackage was less intense, as i felt some sensation above my kidney path now. Christ track is another favourite track, but it took much longer for me to see effect, compared to this DM.

Highly recommended.


If I win the forum draw, this is the one I’ll ask for.


Today is the first day. It feels lighter. There are thoughts, perceptions and feelings that are disappearing. This is great. It helped me a lot.


Bought it.

  1. Does this field clear ancestral blocks related to wealth?
  2. In general, how long should one use DM: SBR Part 1 before moving to DM: Ancestors Power?

Yes, it can work on this sphere.

I think around 1 month would be good. If you fee that clearing is going still after one month its better to continue with it until you feel the mandala completed the job.

Also when you stop using it, after some time of rest you can start wearing it again and deeper levels will start to clear noticeably.


Thank you very much for the answer.

The topic of ancestors is a particular topic for me. The need to pay attention to the issue arose for many years. I worked on my ancestors’ influence many times and cleared myself, but after a while, all the influences on me returned. And no one understood where they were from.

Ultimately, after purchasing the Energetic Coach mandala, I bought

DM: SBR Part 1: Ancestral and DNA

DM: Ancestors Power

DM: Wealth - Release Subconscious Blockages

I bought the last one because I began to see clearly in my father the thought patterns of poverty that were showing up in me. For example, no matter what they offered to buy, the father was always indignant if it was expensive. His choice of product/service has always been based on price, not value, product quality, or personal desires. I tracked the same thing, but I ignored it. I almost always chose not what I like but what is cheaper or more in line with the price/quality ratio.

What struck me the most was how DM: Energetic Life Coach clearly and unequivocally pointed out the need to purchase NFT: Ancestral Line Clearing. And so several times. However, I would never have thought to buy this product. But I had direct flashes and an explicit knowledge that this was the product I needed.

Even though it is currently impossible to replenish the balance of Venly store from my country, I found a way to do this and purchased it.

At the same time, one man appeared in my environment who made a diagnosis for me and determined that my mother has an entity associated with some ancestors’ affairs.

He also determined that this entity, through my mother, draws energy from all family members and imposes harmful programs aimed at money, well-being, and self-realization.

As I mentioned before, I tried to cleanse myself constantly, but as soon as I stopped, all the programs came back to me through my mother.

After the cleansing (me and mother) by this person began, and after using the mandalas, we (I, mother, and my wife) altogether became ill. And I’ve been sick for a week now. I think we are having an energy detox after cleansing.

I don’t know how it will all end, but it looks like I have found the root cause of my problems, and it is unlikely that I would have found it on my own without you, Matreya, and your priceless DM: Energetic Life Coach. I also hope NFT: Ancestral Line Clearing clears the whole family line from the negative influence of evil entities.

I am immensely grateful to you for this.


I hope you get better faster! Drink more water and eat more fresh food until you are making such big changes in yourself.


It might, but I would use this: DNA REPAIR + Telomere Extension. It’s more physically oriented. I had a super heavy healing crisis and pain all over my body.

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It can change things and subconscious patterns that come from one’s lineage. It can’t guarantee a cure for diseases, but generally, any change within us is immediately reflected in our body.

Most diseases arise from trauma or conflict that someone has failed to overcome and was overwhelming for them. However, the same situation is experienced by many other people without getting sick, because they can more easily let go of it and free themselves—they react differently.

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