DM: Ancestors Power

This field has been created to let you feel and connect to the power of your ancestors, and to get their blessing and support.

The field will rearrange all members of your family line in their rightful place, much the same as in Family Constellation practice. This will free you to go on your own way, free from the burdens, confusion, and suffering of your family line.

The field may cause a variety of effects in your life according to your unique situation and clearing of negative energy, forgiveness, and adopting the correct roles. It may affect your love life, your financial situation, health, etc.

This field works on your subconscious and will help those who have a bond with their ancestors that is too strong and binding in an unhealthy way. Sometimes when we are overly loyal to our family or ancestors we may create the same unfortunate circumstances in our own lives and repeat their destiny just to honor them. This is harmful and unnecessary.

It is possible for the field to create experiences in your life that will help you to connect to your ancestors and their qualities and learn about them and about yourself.

This field is an extremely important one for those who wish to walk the path of self-discovery. If you know your ancestors you know yourself.


does this clash with β€˜ DM: SBR Part 1: Ancestral and DNA’?
correct me if im wrong but the one i mentioned above is just to remove and clear all blockages related to our ancestors and dna, etc and Ancestors power is to strengthen that connection right ?



DM: SBR Part 1: Ancestral and DNA remove the sabotaging beliefs and blockages and this one is giving something like support from your ancestors - power and blessings.

People who have used already SBR pt 1 will have awesome results now with this one.


This one is helping me to release the discomfort and imbalance in my hips. I have used ancestral rearrangement and sbr1 before this.