DM: Remove Entities from Wealth

This field has been created to remove entities that impede your wealth in any way. Usually, such entities come due to magic spells cast on you or your family, including your more distant ancestors or agreements and contracts you or your ancestors made with entities for some reason. If one has a wrong view on money and wealth, such as associating self-esteem, feeling worthy, or the general feeling of well-being with having money, malevolent entities can use that weakness to manipulate the person, tempt them to various things that are of value to the entity, without taking into account that person’s highest good. Entities can also implant wrong ideas and feelings towards money that prevent the person from gaining wealth or even sufficient resources to sustain themselves. In this way, they control people and drain their energy. This field will free you from such entities, whether they come to you from your ancestors or were attracted directly to you, and will give you the Highest Divine understanding of what abundance, wealth, and money is and what is the most appropriate view of it and the ways to use it.