DM: Make the Impossible Possible - Mindset

This field has been created to transform any belief or idea that something is impossible to have, achieve or be or that something is impossible to exist into the belief that this is absolutely achievable and possible. The field will give you a different vibration to what you are accustomed to and gives you a high vibrational boost that allows you to change your worldview and belief system.

Suitable for people who feel that there are things that are impossible for them to achieve, regardless of the area they pertain to.

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Does this remove negative belief and replaces belief to believe in the make it possible to achieve the desires?

Just purchased it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Excellent Question Zayson. THIS one is definitely on my to get list later this month.


Thank you Maitreya… for this…this would go very well with Lucky time, Remove Entities for Wealth, Wealth: remove subconscious Blocks to Wealth and related abundance ‘programs’, and/or Mandala’s as it woud with Love, building a house, owning a Mansion or whatever that is actually do-able here in this dimension and beyond I suppose ( if thats what chew want) thank you again staff beautiful beautiful Souls !!

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Beware that this is very strong. It will remove huge amount of negative energy. If you used it above 30 seconds. It’ll feel very overwhelming especially in the rear of your head. You’ll feel like something is off that’s because your energy field is overwhelmed with clearing so much energy. This is just from my experiences.


Hmm, maybe that’s why I’ve felt stressed and discouraged most of the day. (Had it on my night list with the field emitter). Things I’ve been looking forward to and hoping for, suddenly felt like it would fail. Like I’m an idiot for believing in it in the first place. An uneasy dense feeling in my heart and solar plexus. Different kinds of fear rising… and hopefully passing.
Definitely purging.
So, not using this tonight, aiming for a good cleansing cry and a good night’s sleep instead. :wink:
Thanks @Maitreya for this field, seems like I needed it more than I first thought.:slightly_smiling_face:


Wow Zayson, thanks for the heads up,Man. I will be purchsing this in a few weeks.
Forewarned is fore armed!! Much appreciated. A Lot of Us on this planet have been told in one way or another,that we cannot have what we want,much less the way we want it, rather what we desire the way we desire it…thats BS,too. IM soo looking foward to printing and/or opening this in a browser. as well, after purchase. Thank you Maitreya for making this cost effective too.


Maitreya: what If I printed this out, and folded it really tiny like and stuck it on my gate of abundance pendant for a week? what do you think? This is one Mandala to get for sure. thank you.

Yes, the mandala works to remove a lot of negative energy. It is designed to clear out any information about failure, that something did not happen, that it could not be done, that the person could not achieve it. This also removes the emotions accompanying the impossibility, as well as the beliefs that the person has created for themselves in these situations.

The mandala contains a lot of energy to clear the person of any thought forms and beliefs that have come from their parents, genetic level, and detachment and cleansing from the collective consciousness. For ancestors who have had difficult moments and, of their own free will, desire to receive treatment on this topic, healing and energy are sent to them so that they can overcome situations and reactions that have arisen in them in certain situations and not feel helpless.

If a person has had a certain unresolved problem for a very long time and things are not working out, a feeling of helplessness and impossibility is created. The field has a program built-in to focus on specific problems of the person that they have not been able to solve for a long time.

There are also many other things that work in the mandala so that it completely replaces the person’s consciousness of impossibility and puts them back into their power as a creator of their life.


Whenever there is a big process of clearing, it’s always good to remember the field “Bomb of Love”. Unconditional love gives everything necessary for a person to go through discomfort more quickly. It provides enough energy to carry out the internal processes within oneself, to face them more easily and painlessly, enhances the process, and speeds it up. And many other things as well. And most importantly - it makes you feel better instantly. :slight_smile:


Yes, this is fine as long as the mandala is 30cm near you. :slight_smile:


is this mandala automatic, or needs certain commands to work?

It’s automatic. :slight_smile:

1 Like!! Can Hardly wait to get this Mandala…also on the list are, Soul Contract Revocation, Removing J Seals and Ancestral & DNA Blocks Remover.
I find the Ancestral Line Clearing, War Trauma healing, Line Reaggrangement, Release and Heal Codependency & Release and Heal Gaslighting, particularly POWERFUL !! drink lots of water, eat decently, exercise, grounding is imperative ( I Use Limit Breaker & Grounding and Earthing as well as Field Integration Primer)as well as making shure I walk on the earth,get outside and do so ever day, as often as possible.

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You’re welcome! And I hope many blessings for you in the near future with this Mandala. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds like it and I hope you pass through that emotional process fast so you can be at peace. :slightly_smiling_face::pray:


Awesome! Thanks for the detailed information. This is really helpful and thank God for this! :pray::slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for your kind words!
I took the advice from Maitreya to use Bomb of Love and it really helps.

I also feel that there is a lot of shifting, somewhat crazy energies in the collective right now that makes certain emotions enhanced, like events, people and energies are trying to balance themselves. (Taking the I Know You mandala off for a while, haha!)

Anyway, this is a very interesting experience as it is a reminder of, though we may be very clear about certain things, there still can be stuck emotional energies needing to be cleansed.
How we get so used to the stuck emotions that we can’t see them untill they get released.
Always a surprising and enlightening process. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Maitreya,
I hope you can upgrade the Range of Mandalas so that it can set other Mandalas a maximum Range of about 1 meter. Why? In front of a computer monitor opening a DM, you usually sit more than 30cm away from the screen. If you hang Mandalas on the wall, it need more range, but I usually use some small photo frame on the desktop, 60-80cm is enough.

Please consider my suggestion, thank you, or put up a vote and see what we think.

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Update: I used it more this time 10-20 minutes and it caused a karma cleanse. I manifested so much failure in life I felt so off in life. Like I failed at almost everything in a day. After the phase and clearing energy. I feel really different about failure. It feels like a huge amount of failure thoughts and emotions disappear within me. This is a really great mandala but I’m not going to do this often because it does show up in your life. So be careful!!!