DM: In your favor

Field works whether you feel it or not. I would suggest checking what kind of blocks or belief is behind this. If you said to keep it Active 24/7 I don’t see why your HS would switch it off, if this field works for your highest good and this is the same intention of your HS, too.

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Got it thanks

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Hi @Maitreya,

I just came across this field today and I’m interested in purchasing it to address a specific problem, but would like to know if it might work as I intend it:

I’ve been unemployed for almost a year and have struggled with finding another job. Since the beginning of my career, for some reason, I seemed to attract jealousy from co-workers who ended up pushing me out of my job every few years. It was usually a stressful situation filled with gaslighting, sabotage and unfairness. I’m a people pleaser who avoids confrontation like the plague so I always gave up on my rights. I’m in my later years now and since the last time this happened, I now find myself homeless, car-less, and running very low on my savings.

Can I use “In Your Favor” with “Time Breaker” and ask for it to be active in my life since the beginning of my career to help reverse these unfortunate episodes I encountered?

What types of benefits may that combination bring? I ask this because I wonder if it makes any sense at all to send energy to the past (unless, of course, it will positively affect the present). Or if I’m better suited by letting go of the past and focus on my job search now as it is rather an urgent need.

Note that I use many of your other fields as well including Trauma, Incident and Limiting Beliefs, Make the Impossible Possible, Comprehensive Resistance Dissolver, Take Your Whole Power Back, Reality Note, Subconscious Reprogrammer, The Reality Shifter, etc… but maybe I’m just too clumsy and blocked to effectively stack them.

Thank you


I hope you find a job soon
Also use this

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First of all, I understand that it was hard for you to open up, and please remember we are here to support you.
You are very aware of your weakness. How about asking yourself what your strengths are?
In Your Favor + Time Breaker is a good idea. I send every field back to my past to support myself. I use Reality Shifter and Reality Note to build my future. But the most important is now. This is the place where you actively influence your time.
In Your Favor has a lot to offer. I recommend meditating on this sometimes. You can create a completely new mindset and belief that everything works for your highest good. There is no bad past, there is no bad future. Everything is just a lesson.
You can combine RN with Sub Reprogrammer and RS.
Write down the person you want to be in the present time.
I am strong and independent. I stand my ground and I know my worth etc
Literally, write your dream personality. Quiet often this is the real you, without conditioning, traumas and insecurities.
Use RS to shift you to the timeline where you become that person. Then use Sub Reprogrammer regularly to remove everything that is not aligned with your dream personality. For example

I know my worth and I am not afraid to express my opinion.

I feel appreciated and people love to work with me.

In Your Favor has ‘Cosmic Shield’. It’s brilliant. But what is most important is that it will allow you to turn life events into prosperity.

Maybe the delay for you to get a job was to stop, analyze, and change your mindset so you will find the job that suits you the most, with people who are great. Maybe your Higher Self wants you to start a different career, that will be aligned with your talents that you are not aware of.


Thank you, @Mandalo

I have this mandala and I have used it for a couple of months but then stopped. I became anxious around the description bit that says:

“Field will make a connection with your future self that is aligned with his divine purpose and heart desires. There is also a boost of courage and motivation for acting and clearing limited beliefs from subconsciousness mind + reducing fears that stops and sabotage you to go with full speed on your divine path.”

This seems very meaningful but I am rather desiring another regular practical 3D role like the ones I’ve had for my last 30 years in the corporate world, since it is how I know to meet my financial obligations and responsibilities as a single mother with a disabled child.

Suppose my divine role is to be an energy healer, the curve for me to achieve some level of financial stability would be steeper, so this is not something I can surrender to at the moment. If it were a gradual transition without hardships, then that would be good. Maybe I am misinterpreting the field and @maitreya or someone else in her team @Polaris can shed some light…

Thank you so much @Polaris, for your kind words and insights to guide me in this challenging moment.

Indeed I’ve found it a but tricky to work with the Reality Shifter, the Subconscious Reprogrammer and the Reality Note as they did not yield results for me during the months that I’ve worked with them. That is in no way a criticism to its validity or worth, but rather my inability to overcome my blockages and anxiety. I will give it another earnest shot, paying attention to release fear and anxiety at the beginning and detaching at the end of the session. I believe incorporating In Your Favor in the process should provide another layer to help me not mess it up. I sense that my eagerness in making it work is thwarting the desirable outcome from manifesting.

Just another question (related to my previous response in this thread to Mandalo), you mentioned:

Let’s say my higher self wants me to follow my divine path to become and energy healer, but if I were able to consciously communicate with him, I’d explain “I can’t be buying groceries on credit cards indefinitely and I have earthly responsibilities that I must meet. May I please be allowed to have another regular 3D job like the ones I’ve had in the past so I may transition gradually into my divine path?”

Just wondering…

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Oh, I understand you very well. But what if you can make decent money doing what you really enjoy? And this is what your HS is trying to convince you to try. But also, it doesn’t have to happen now.
When you accept your gifts and let your guides direct you to the right place, the right person and the right work, then you just feel good.
You see obstacles, where your HS sees growth.
You put limitations by wanting a corporation job that, at the same time, gave you a lot of pain, while your HS want you to be yourself and maybe in a healthier environment.

There is nothing wrong with making a deal with your HS. “OK, find me a job that will be aligned with my soul’s purpose, but until then, let’s make any money”. You can bring positive energy to a corporation and change the vibration there. This is also energy healing. You might meet people there, and you will change their life. Being an energy healer can have many forms.
I would use Job mandala. You can attract good jobs that will bring you connections to find better ones.
But I would use RN, too. Don’t write job categories or roles. Leave it open. No profession. Write how you feel at work, write about your colleagues, your earnings, and how passionate you are about what you are doing now. And let go.
Fingers crossed :slight_smile:


This field really filters alot of negative energies coming from my own family members (ignorance) and also others. It is Instantly being transmuted. I have noticed the huge difference when i take it off for a week and then try it one day. It makes my whole day really smooth and free of negative energies.

I would like to know, i have read somewhere in the forum where maitreya said protection fields in general might limit our manifestations and energy work outcomes since we are not interacting with the world. Does this field consider to be in this category? If yes then i would use it when needed, if there is no problem then i would like to transmit it to my past selve with time breaker


In your favor does not block manifestations.




@Maitreya You wrote that most protections stop energy from both sides, that if we hide, then we block the flow coming from the universe.

You also wrote that the Adaptive shield remains invisible and doesn’t block manifestations.

What about DM In Your Favor?
What about DM Chameleon Protection?

Do they block the energy coming from/to me?

I wear “In Your Favor” constantly, now I’m thinking about this question.
DM Chameleon Protection is also there.

In general, I want to keep only what doesn’t block the energies



Cosmic Shield will attract blessings, so it will not hide you. Chameleon might. I felt hidden.


This field is very interesting. I do not feel the effects a lot when I am alone but when I go outside and get surrounded by people, I am full with positive energy. I feel like other people give me energy. I do not understand why there are so negative energy and intention around people for this field to converse, especially when they are strangers.

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@Maitreya @Polaris

“DM In your favor” was in a PERMANENT FOLDER.

Now I want to move it to the folder with “Field Optimizer”. Works?.

A question:

The COSMIC SHIELD works with the word ACTIVATE. Can Field Optimizer activate the cosmic shield? Or do I have to do it by saying the word ACTIVATE?

I also want to move the “BLUEPRINT OF HEARING AND SIGHT” mandala and have Field Optimizer make the decisions and give me the best at every moment of the day. I don’t want to have so many fields on my 24/7.

Another question is if I want to have a field 24/7 and in my folder I have “Mandalas Manager V2” + “The Field Emitter” + MIKE TYSON AURA (I have Mike Tyson Aura AUDIO GUMROAD and Mike Tyson Aura MANDALA GUMROAD).

Which should I add Mandala or audio (GUMROAD)? Which is better? Or how to make a decision? I always have that question: mandala or audio?

Thank you.

You need to activate it.

Follow your intuition. Or work with this field DM: The Right Decisions by meditating with this.

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@Polaris In what cases should Cosmic Shield be activated? And is it possible to keep it activated constantly? Activated Cosmic Shield requires more energy (resource) or what? Simply, the question arises why they didn’t implement the ability for this Shield to be activated by default, but made a separate command for it.


When you activate Cosmic Shield is 24/7 as long as you keep ‘In Your Favour’ with you.

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