DM: Field Editor

This works as an enhancement to the Field Emitter.

Simply create a text file with the same name as any Digital Mandala. The text file can be any file type as long as it is text.

Copy and paste the entire description of the DM from the Store; from Gumroad or

Then find and delete in the text file any part of the field that you wish to turn off.

Field Editor will scan the text file of any document with the same title or name as a DM image. Then it will notice any part of the field that is not in the text description and it will disable or turn off that part of the field for you as long as the Field Editor DM is in the same digital storage device as your Field Emitter and other DMs.

This DM has no ability to create or add new effects. It only silences, mutes, disable, or turns off existing effects.

People who have already worked from a long time with their INTENTION can just give it to this mandala without the need to make everything with the docs.


OMG now I can use Warrior presence again and a ton of other things too probably where just one subfield messed me up before and I had to drop a whole DM. This is too amazing. Thank you!


That’s what I’m talking about.


This is brillant. Merci


Does this work for audios too?


same doubt

Yes, it works for audio and also for other creators who are using energy to program their work.


Above and beyond.




I have Sapien Alchemical Ruby and Carnelian field, but i don’t like Carnelian, perhaps it can erase the Carnelian part. :grin:



Can the Field Editor affect audios played off a speaker if it has a document for the audio in the emitter?

Also, can the Field Editor edit the Field Emitter?

Opps posted in wrong spot sorry

Will it work if .txt is added on file name so instead of Greek God Beauty ULTIMATE it is Greek God Beauty ULTIMATE.txt


The file name should be
DM: The Warrior Archetype.txt

Then you need to copy the whole description. And leave only the text you want. The rest should be muted by the Field Editor. Add the txt file to the Field Emitter folder.
Yes, it will work for audios. You need to follow the same steps.

It is always good to work on your own shadow side, so archetypes will not trigger you.

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@Polaris @Maitreya @Genius

It must be the same name as the GUMROAD STORE or the name on the image I have?

For example, the file I bought is called:


and the one in the Gumroad store is

DM: The Warrior Archetype.

Which one is correct? What should my text file have?

Another example:

Gumroad Store: :heart:Attract Women Instantly :heart: Confident Sex Appeal and Magnetism (ver. 02 BOOSTED).

My purchased file: Attract Women Instantly Confident Sex Appeal and Magnetism.jpg

Let me double-check this and I will get back to you.

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I wait here. Thank you.


Both are fine :slight_smile:

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2.-I add the digital mandala that I purchased (The_Warrior_Archetype.jpg).

3.-I open a text file and copy and paste the description of my mandala.

4.- Delete the part that I don’t want, what I don’t like and save it in the same folder WITH THE SAME NAME OF THE FILE THAT I PURCHASED The_Warrior_Archetype (as a text document).

It’s right? Do I need to save it with the .txt extension or is saving it in the text editor enough?

So the text file can be the same as the original name of the file I bought?

Even if it’s a little different than the name in the Gumroad store description?

Thank you.

That’s correct.

Both will be fine.

You can either choose the name that appears on top of the description or the name of a downloaded mandala, just keep the chosen name untouched.