DM: The Field Copier

If you’ve ever wanted to get the benefits of your favorite fields by simply listening to your favorite music, audiobooks, meditation tracks, subliminals, binaural beats, or anything else… now you can!

Using this field is simple:

  1. Open this field on one music player

  2. Open the field you want to copy on another audio player (if it’s an audio field) or open the image file if it’s a digital mandala

  3. Open your target audio file (music/binaural/subliminal track) on another player

  4. Play all fields at the same time (or if you’re using a mandala image, simply keep the image on screen)

  5. Let the target audio track play until the end. If it’s a long audio track, the field copying will be done after (15) minutes

  6. The name of the fields with your song always should be with a name including “TFC”, so you can name your fields with TFC 1 / TFC 2 / TFC 3. This is very important as the field will be embedded in the name of the song. The other people who are listening to this song won’t be affected by the programs you are putting in.

Your target audio file can hold a maximum of (6) fields. You can simply open each of those fields and play them all at the same time during the field copy process.

Important Note: Your audio files that now have the copied fields will only work for you. This is because the Field Copier is creating an energetic link between you and your favorite fields, through the target audio file. So when you listen to that specific audio file, you will be linked to the fields you “copied” onto it. This also prevents others from being linked to the same fields by listening to the same music. It’s mandatory to complete point 6 for the field to work.

Removing field link: You can remove the field link from an audio file by simply playing this audio, and your target audio, and tell the energetic link to destroy itself. The link will now be gone, and you can create a new one if you wish.


Designed this one :slight_smile:

More soon!


Note that step 1 says “open this field on a music player” but since this is a DM, you just open the image file and keep it on screen, then proceed with the rest of the process.


Wow! Another Game Changer :star_struck: :partying_face:

If am I am understanding correct, this allows us to…

…reduce the total amount of listening time by a factor of 6, since you then can listen and absorb 6 original audio fields by just listening to one audio.

…add a booster field and subconscious blocks removal field onto our favourite subliminals to make them much more effective.

…listen to fields in public/loud withour the risk of affecting anyone else around us with those fields.

…listen to stuff with our own favorite music.



  1. Will this also work if we mix Maitreya and Sapien fields onto the same audio? I ask because Maitreya’s and Sapien’s fields are “activated” in slightly different ways. And also with Sapien fields they always say to listen to one field at a time only…

  2. If mixing different fields, the original fields usually have various different audio durations and/or different field strengths – how will these duration differences and strength differences be translated onto the new target audio?
    Will all be same the strength? Or will all be translated as they are since this is just about linking?

  3. The maximum limit of 6 fields per audio, how does this count? I ask because many of Maitreya’s and Sapien’s fields consist of many sub-fields.


yes to all of those.

should work with all kinds of fields, but Maitreya or someone energetically sensitive will have to confirm

they would all be the same strength, it’s capturing the field programming regardless of the length of the original field audio. so you just play the target audio (subliminal/music/etc) all the way until it’s done. or if you’re using a long file, like an audiobook or something, then 15 minutes of it.

even if it contains “sub-fields” it still counts as one field


question: 1 is the minimum allowed length of the target audio file? 2 if the field is longer than the target audio file? loop playback?

Sorry, English is not my native language, I could have misunderstood something … therefore, let me clarify all the same … if the copied field is long - 30 minutes, 1 hour … and the target audio file (song) is only 3-5 minutes … Will playing the target audio file once be enough? and it is not necessary to reproduce the field to the end? thank you for the consultation


yes, you just need to play the target file until the end.


another idea: you could “imprint” your favorite subliminal tracks/affirmations with the Energetic Converter Field, so whenever you’re listening to your subliminals/affirmations they are automatically converted to morphic fields at the same time


That’s what I was thinking of doing as well when I get this


Okay so I need to know if this field is specifically for energy audios and digital mandalas or can it pick up on any type of energy. Let’s say I imprint a video with specific psychic energy and then use this field. In theory it should be able to pick up on any energy field and copy it to a mandala or audio.

I think yes :smiley:

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Mandala is interesting, but the question of 6 fields per melody
Can you bring some examples or tips?
What fields can add each other?
What fields can be recorded on one melody?

Generally, when combining fields, whether with this, the field storage creator, or something similar, it’s best to stick with energies that are like each other.

For example, you could mix together fields like Release Shame, Release Guilt, Release Unconscious Fear, Subconscious Blocks Remover, etc. Since all of those are along a similar vein, they can compliment each other in their work. It would be strange to throw in there something like teeth whitening.

But, if Teeth Whitening is something you want, then start a new session where you could also include things like Mimic Braces - Straight Teeth, Straight Aligned Teeth, Dental Healing, Decalcify Pineal Gland (seems different, but the vitamins in this field are VERY good for teeth & bones), etc.


sorry, I will clarify … that is, you do not need to print the mandala? just open on the device screen? or can I use a printed mandala and put a device on top that reproduces the field and the target audio file? Thank you for your reply

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you should be able to do it either way, but there’s no need to print it. you can just open the file on your device.

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sorry, let me clarify - TFC - in the target file name? or the copied field?

You put “TFC” in the target file name (this helps you keep track of which music files have your fields embedded, and also because it’s actually storing the field in the file name)

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sorry, but the copied field should be located and reproduced exactly where the mandala (computer) is open or can you copy any field from online? for example - broadcast from YouTube? thank you in advance