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This mandala has been created to release the Learned Helplessness effect of long-term difficulties and traumas, violence, and abuse that have made you believe that your actions don’t matter and that whatever you do, you have no chance of success or improving your situation.

In the 1967 experiments conducted by psychologists Martin Seligman and Steven Maier, dogs were first subjected to inescapable electric shocks. Later, when given a chance to escape easily avoidable shocks in a different setting, these dogs didn’t try to escape, acting as if they believed they had no control over the situation. In contrast, dogs not previously exposed to inescapable shocks quickly learned to avoid them. This behaviour demonstrated the concept of “learned helplessness”, where an individual believes they have no control over negative events, even when they actually do. The findings have since been applied to human behaviours, especially in understanding depression and motivation. Modern views on animal welfare criticize such experiments for ethical reasons.

People suffering from Learned Helplessness may become needy, constantly asking for help or behaving awkwardly and inefficiently, complaining but not taking action, becoming bitter, not taking responsibility for their actions and for themselves, blaming others and seeking attention. Alternatively, it may look like passivity and depression.

Effects on a person:

Passivity: People may become passive and avoid taking action even when opportunities exist to change or improve their circumstances.
Decreased Motivation: They might lack motivation to undertake tasks, even simple ones, believing that they won’t make a difference.

Low Self-Esteem: Over time, they might develop a diminished sense of self-worth.

Mental Health Issues: Learned helplessness has been linked to depression and anxiety. The repeated experience of uncontrollable negative events can foster feelings of hopelessness.

Physical Health Impact: Chronic feelings of helplessness can lead to stress, which in turn may affect physical health.

Why it’s important to overcome:

Empowerment: Overcoming learned helplessness can restore a person’s belief in their own agency and ability to influence outcomes in their life.
Mental Well-being: Breaking out of this mindset can lead to decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Improved Quality of Life: Regaining a sense of control can lead to more proactive behaviours, better decision-making, and overall improved life satisfaction.

Personal Growth: Confronting and overcoming this mindset can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth and resilience.

Overcoming learned helplessness typically involves therapy or personal effort through which individuals learn to challenge their negative thought patterns and beliefs and gradually expose themselves to situations where they can succeed and regain a sense of control.

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I downloaded this one tonight. Good Lord ,Maitreya you are soo right on time with stuff,it is incredible. This one could not have been more ,right on time than NOW. sooo deeply appreciative of your work and love this new DM. I used tonight along with 9 Other DM’s including, Release n’ heal Co-Dependency & Release & Heal Gaslighting !! Boom,Baby!! Whaddah GREAT combo !
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