DM: From Pain to Power

From Pain to Power is an energetically programmed field created to delve deep into the reservoirs of past experiences that have left indelible marks of pain within you. This pain, a shadow from the past, that continues to influence your life, shaping decisions and actions through a prism of vulnerability and the instinctual need to shield yourself from future harm. The essence of this field is not merely to identify these dense, pain-infused energies but to initiate a profound transformation within your being.

This transformative field operates on the premise that within every instance of suffering lies the seed of untapped potential, wisdom, and strength. It is designed to guide your system in recognizing and unraveling the tangled energies of past hurts, allowing you to reclaim the lessons embedded within these experiences. By doing so, it empowers you to transmute the pain into a source of strength, imbuing you with a wisdom that illuminates the path forward.

Beyond this, From Pain to Power serves as a catalyst for personal evolution, turning all feelings of pain, helplessness, and despair into a foundation of clarity, insight, and invincible strength. As you engage with this field, you will witness a metamorphosis: vulnerabilities transform into virtues, scars into symbols of survival, and past pains into pillars of power. This energetic field is an invitation to journey from the shadows of past sorrows into the light of self-mastery, where every moment of pain is alchemized into an opportunity for growth, empowerment, and profound self-realization.


Wow, I think this one just jumped to the top of my list. What a powerful, energetic product. Thank you


Lovely field and much respect to the one who wrote the description, could feel it coursing through my veins as I read it. :pray:
Thank you Maitreya and team.

This with the Soul Fragment Retrieval is a good combination.
This one slaps, 100/10 would recommend.


Indeed! What a beautiful idea for a mandala :heart_eyes:


The mandala is really very nice to look at. Such beauty. Another one into time breaker :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It’s actually a good combo with in your favour, since in your favour takes care of the external world, and this one takes care the internal world


This one,From Pain to POWER ( great title by the way!! ) and Right decisions ,a sweet couple. getting soon!! :slight_smile:



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