The Loving Series

DM: Giving and Receiving Love

This field helps you to become an expert/master of giving and receiving love to/from yourself and everything and everyone. Helps to open your heart more and clear all blockages, energies and emotions that are in the way of love. It also has intelligent energy so it does this in a gentle but powerful way adapted to each user.

DM: Trust Issues Healing

Makes you able to trust people and the world fully.

And at the same time strengthens your common sense, gut feeling and intuition and makes you being able to tell when someone lies much easier or when someone wants to use you, manipulate you or has negative intentions and also strengthens your ability to say no. Stand to your ground and put boundaries when needed.

Make a difference to people to who you can trust and who not and know how to act in both situations automatically.

DM: Get Along

A mandala (with 20 meters range) that helps everyone to get along much better and dissolve all types of small time arguing and disagreement. To enjoy each other’s company and focus on having fun together or doing something creative or meaningful together.
This could be helpful in so many places, from arguing with friends or couples to classrooms, workplaces or families where everyone argues a lot. It helps you to be in the moment – Here and Now.

DM: Emotional Replacer

This mandala is made to be very smart and understand your words and emotions so you can replace them easy with it. All the emotions from the diagram are included.

How to use:

Say: ACTIVATE Clear all feelings of Shame (insert any emotion name of your choice) now, and replace it with Unconditional Love for Myself (or whatever you need in this moment).

Mandala doesn’t need to be deactivated, but you have to wait before starting a clearing process with other negative feeling. How much? This is different for anyone. When you feel it stop working, can activate it again with the same feeling (it will tap on deeper levels of it) or start with other feeling you want to clear from your system.


Thank you so much, your presents are a blessing


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Thanks, Maitreya. The Trust Issues one in particular is a real gift, I know I need it. I appreciate it!


Thank you so much Maitreya! :pray: :green_heart:


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Can we use the DM Get along, when there are small children around?