DM: the Law of Grace (Instagram/Facebook exclusive)

We are introducing the “Law of Grace” energy field. This extraordinary tool is founded on one of the most potent spiritual laws and can provide support and relief when facing the challenging consequences of your actions or thoughts.

While we’re all continually manifesting our reality through the “Law of Manifestation”, the “Law of Grace” operates on a different level, based on the unlimited and unconditional love of the source. This love enables redemption and the ability to transcend consequences of certain manifestations, even clearing karmic debt, when you ask sincerely and with genuine intent.

Here are the key elements of the “Law of Grace” energy field:

Immediate Remorse: If you’ve taken an action, intended something, or manifested a reality that you soon regret, this field can assist you in calling upon the Law of Grace.

Honest Repentance: With sincere remorse for your actions and a genuine wish to avoid the potential consequences, you can ask for grace from the source.

Higher Self Connection: This field connects you to your Higher Self, which, in turn, links you to the source and communicates your request for grace.

Repentance Transmission: The field captures your true intent of repentance and conveys it to your Higher Self, enabling the request to nullify the specific action or manifestation.

Potential for Healing: In a similar mechanism to how instant healings are possible through the Higher Self, this field can also potentially facilitate healing.

To use this field, you first need to activate it, then state what you repent and specifically request grace from the source. After making your request, you then need to deactivate the field.

To know if your request for grace was granted, you need to pay attention to your Higher Self or observe how your personal reality unfolds. Often, you’ll feel a profound sense of relief when the clearing is granted. However, remember that the Higher Self might decide not to pass on the request to the source if it deems the experience necessary for its learning path.

Please note that the Law of Grace can only be applied to oneself and not to others. But with the source of pure, unconditional love, it has the ultimate free will to change any manifestation it chooses.

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I found and downloaded this free gift on FB some 7 to 10 days ago, I tired last week once, tonight I did so again and Man oh Man, AM I positively blown away by such depth and effectiveness. THIS DM,WORKS!! I AM still pleasantly amazed and inspired. Some things,not just one, but some things have lifted from Me, Im "dfferent’, like some things went away that needed to be and they are. I did as instructed "Activate, Sincerely & Genuinely Repent/Apologize, I’d even asked for forgiveness and release, I did it TWICE then waited a few seconds, said “De-activate” and the shift/lift started to happen, noticeibly with in 20 to 30 seconds and continued for several minutes of “Lifting”, there after, when… ‘different’ ,better. I Love this field!! Understatement.


Which image is?
The one with the white horse?

The one with the withe horse is ‘Empowerment’

The image was posted on July 8th, it look like a clock with a sun in the center on a black background!