DM: Emotional Replacer

This mandala is made to be very smart and understand your words and emotions so you can replace them easy with it. All the emotions from the diagram are included.

How to use:

Say: ACTIVATE Clear all feelings of Shame (insert any emotion name of your choice) now, and replace it with Unconditional Love for Myself (or whatever you need in this moment).

Mandala doesn’t need to be deactivated, but you have to wait before starting a clearing process with other negative feeling. How much? This is different for anyone. When you feel it stop working, can activate it again with the same feeling (it will tap on deeper levels of it) or start with other feeling you want to clear from your system.

This is Part 4 from Loving Series.
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Wow! This sounds amazing! I’m very curious about someone’s experience will be.


What about replacing an emotion with say “Unconditional love for other people” instead of myself? Would that work?

Unconditional love always can be send to other people without their permission for that.
For everything else you need permission to send / make changes.


Ok, that makes sense. Thank you for getting back to me!


Has anyone bought this and have any results/experience to share? :slight_smile:


Hi @Maitreya :slight_smile:
I recently bought this mandala, I just have a few questions.
Does it work with any emotions or only the emotions on the diagram?
Does it for example work on this emotional chart also?

And would it work for a group of emotions, like if you say: Activate, release all emotions of the group Angry from the emotional diagram and replace it with unconditional love for myself.?
or : Activate, release all emotions from the column APATHY from the emotional chart and replace them with unconditional love for myself.?
And since it says in the description that after you activate it for example for shame then you can’t activate it for another emotion until it is finished with the shame, but since you can’t be sure when it is finished, would it be possible to add a command of “DeActivate” and the mandala will be reset so you can start again with the same emotion or a new one?
Sorry for so many questions.
Thank you and best wishes :slight_smile:


Is in my list of maybe, this mandala…

So if u already have it why you dont test the questions you are asking? For the price i think maybe a very powerful mandala and can do great things…

Would be wonderful know your experience trying this things you write.


Mandala works with all emotions. I placed the diagram because many people can’t even clarify their emotions and when they are asked how are they have 2-3 answers like - good/bad/lite/angry or so… and there are much more emotions inside ourselves.

If the emotions you are working with it are not very frightening, you can make it faster with few emotions at the same time. f you are working with some trauma, better to wait more time to be released fully. Traumas with physical violence are harder to be released from the energetic system.

Sure, later will make an upgrade.


Thank you for the great reply @Maitreya! :slight_smile:


Very powerful replacer if you have a hard time choosing one is Unconditional Love for all things in the Universe. Give it a go!


Originally this mandala was one I passed over as it didn’t resonate with me & I just wasn’t feeling it. However, when I recently connected with Spirit & my Higher Self to see if there were any fields that would be wise for me to acquire (something I do about once a month), this one was strongly suggested.

I was told that this mandala could be used slightly differently than what I originally envisioned by combining it with some of the others I already own, which would give Spirit & my Higher Self even more ability to positively effect my life here in physical reality.

The basic idea was to start by combining this mandala with the Field Optimizer, so that instead of thinking with the human mind of various emotions I needed to replace, I would sit in an open & receptive state and allow my Higher Self to remove troublesome emotions & replace them with whatever would be best.

I know this is different than how Maitreya originally instructed people to use this tool, but let me tell you that it works AMAZINGLY well this way. No struggle trying to find things that need to be released, no trying to identify exactly which item on the emotion wheel you’re suffering under, no thinking of what would be good to replace them with…just trusting & receiving what’s best with barely any effort on your part - well, barely any effort by the human part of you.

The first time I tried this, as I sat and surrendered to the process I felt many negative emotions come and go, each only lingering for a few seconds before being gone for good. There were many types of anxieties and a few different types of fears, but all were released easily & effortlessly.

What I was left with afterwards was something that felt very strange to this man that’s struggled with anxiety his whole life - i just felt good. It wasn’t an “all ramped up” kinda good, wasn’t an over-the-top positive emotional state, it was just a calm, content, anxiety-free state that I don’t think I’ve every really experienced before. It took a while for me to realize that’s why I was feeling strange…I wasn’t feeling any anxiety at all.

I’m very glad I got a chance to work with this mandala in this way, and if any of you are looking for a new or different way to get past some of your emotional hurdles, I’d encourage you to give this method some consideration & try it out.


This is a very clever idea of how to be used. Great job, Frank!


Wow really awesome, thanks for sharing


Thanks. I’m not sure I ever would have had this idea on my own, but that’s why there’s such great benefit to listening to Spirit & Higher Self above. There’s so many interesting things to be learned & tried out!


Update: If you’re into clearing so much emotional junk in yourself. I highly recommend this. It’s very helpful and makes clearing energy way faster! :smiley: Here’s a link I used that helped me out find exactly what I feel and it helped shift my vibration. List of Emotions: 271 Emotion Words (+ PDF) - The Berkeley Well-Being Institute


This is very useful.


Interesting field. Clears alot of emotional baggage and conflicting energies and emotions.
Perhaps a good use of this field for manifestation purposes is by clearing certain emotions directly, which may be hindering complete acceptance of desired outcomes etc.?


Absolutely! Self-sabotaging emotions and fears that hinder certain manifestations from happening quickly can be eliminated!


I came across this and this helped a lot in understanding emotions with consciousness.
The map of consciousness book.

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