DM: Love & Forgiveness

Forgive your past self, present self, and future self in all times & dimensions

Forgive yourself for all the things you did to others (people, animals, etc)

Forgive others for what they did to you, in all times & dimensions

Send unconditional love to everyone you hurt in the past

Send unconditional love to everyone who hurt you in the past

Unconditional love for yourself, in all times & dimensions


In a few days, this mandala will be uploaded on Youtube. @Genius


What one might be unable to forgive, this mandala does it fully.
In forgiveness, freedom can be found.

Great products by Maitreya as always. Thank you dearly.



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I think this is going to be my fave right after sub reprogrammer.

Long story short - I ended up in a situation that required fast forgiveness for myself and the other party. I just couldn’t do it. :rage: :roll_eyes: I am naturally good at forgiving, I never hold a grudge long. I can move on for my own piece of mind. This time it felt like it will end with III World War.

Thank you for this field! :heart: I meditated with this to speed up results, like I said, it was kind of urgent for me. I had no idea who I want to kill first :rofl:

I felt relief very fast. I found understanding for both of us. I wish that he would make an effort and listen Youtube audio with the same intention :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Now I think, how game-changer it would be in relationships! You had a fight with someone close to you. Instead of creating more bad emotions, you give someone a printed mandala. Tell them to shut up and focus on forgiveness. You have your copy and do it the same.

How many divorces could be avoided :laughing:


So you feel positive about it and you were able to forgive them quickly?

:joy::joy::joy: LOVE this!!
The chameleon protection mandala helps me a ton in relationships. It saved my butt and my sanity countless times. I’m talking about being on the verge of wanting to jump off a bridge or maxing out your credit card for a divorce lawyer to being in the most loving, fun, understanding marriage ever. Game changer


Them and myself. I had a huge problem forgiving myself too :sneezing_face:

Forgiveness removes bad energy from a situation and helps to look at conflict from a different perspective. Or at least to be able to have a conversation. It not necessarily means that suddenly everything is cute and sweet. But sometimes anger makes us blind and stubborn.


Good to know! If forgiveness will stop working I am gonna go for it :laughing:

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So it made you forgive yourself and them but it doesn’t actually make you feel positive about it afterwards?

How has the chameleon protection mandela helped you in your relationships specifically?

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I’m a very sensitive person. I easily pick up on people’s moods and emotions, so if my husband feels off, I tend to take it personally and the whole vibe between us changes. We fight over the smallest things and it feels like there’s something in me attracting attacks from him and something in him that’s looking for a fight or to find something wrong with me and what I did. With the chameleon protection mandala that all falls away. I don’t take his low moods personally and can cheer him up if he needs it, and he responds quite well. There’s no pettiness and no looking for fights.
There’s just something magical about the chameleon protection mandala that works exceptionally well for me. It changes my inner perspective as well. I can go about my day without wearing it, and I can sense that familiar feeling of “looking for a fight” rearing its head, and sometimes a fight does break out over nothing and there would be a thick atmosphere afterwards, but as soon as I grab the CP mandala, it’s as if the energies get cleared immediately. I instantly release all the bad emotions, and I can see and feel an emotional change in my husband as well and we go on as if nothing happened. It’s actually kind of freaky how quickly it smoothes ruffled feathers :joy:


The feeling of forgiveness is positive, but the war is not over yet :laughing: I’ll be a master of forgiveness very soon. I used this for a few days so far. So I can’t say yet how beneficial it’s gonna be in the long run.

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That’s awesome. It’s great that you’re proactive and decided to use the chameleon protection. There’s the empath protection, too if you need it.

Since you pick up people’s moods and emotions, you most likely are an empath.
DM: Empath Protection - MaitreyaFields (

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Okay, I understand. Well, keep using it because forgiveness is great even though it’s not easy to do.

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Another great and very needed creation. Thank you so much!!!

How do you think this would work if your partners, emotionally psychologically and verbally abusive towards you. We are separated, and almost divorced, but she continually says negative/bad things about me, especially to our children.

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Ignore her. Usually, people will continue spreading negative things about you because they want to get you to react. The more often you react, the more she will try, especially to your kids cause she knows you wont take that.
Ignore her, she may try harder to get to you, but if you can hold off from reacting, she will stop.

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That’s what I’ve been working at not reacting and dealing with the reaction so I react less each time it happens. Glad to know I’m on the right track

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I’m so sorry, I only saw your message now and I’m so heartbroken to hear that you’re in such a tough position at the moment. The Chameleon protection mandala will absolutely help for this situation. I’ve noticed that if you really concentrate on the image and meditate with it (breathing in the energies) it really takes it to a whole new level. I sometimes use it this way if I can feel that I need to clear some negative feelings or perspectives.

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