DM: The Autonomous Self Field

Complete Sovereignty: Living in Your Own Reality

The Complete Sovereignty digital mandala is an advanced energetic tool specially designed to empower your personal sovereignty, enhance universal consciousness connectivity, and neutralize external influences, both benevolent and malevolent. This field promotes complete independence from collective human consciousness, matrix programming, and any form of intrusive entities.

· Matrix Detachment: This field facilitates a total severance from matrix connections and programming. It aids in dismantling mental constructs that tether you to shared human perceptions and societal norms.

· Collective Consciousness Disconnection: It fosters the disengagement from shared human consciousness, promoting individuality and independent thought formation.

· Intrusion Defense: This field creates a robust shield against all forms of intrusion, including ETs, entities with agendas, alien implants, etc., regardless of their perceived benevolence or malevolence. It supports your sovereignty and protects you from unsolicited influences.

· Universal Consciousness Connection: While disconnecting from collective human consciousness, this field strengthens your bond with the universal consciousness. It aids in expanding your awareness beyond earthly confines, facilitating a deeper connection with the universe.

· Quantum Cleaning: This feature works at a quantum level to cleanse your system of AI, nanotech, manmade bioweapons, viruses, entities, etc. It supports the maintenance of a clean, unhindered energy field.

· Dissolving Worship Urge: This field encourages independent thought and action by dissolving any ingrained tendencies to worship external entities. It promotes the perception of oneself as the ultimate authority in one’s life.

· DNA Reprogramming: It helps in reprogramming your DNA, conditioning your system to perceive external “gods” as unnecessary, reinforcing the belief that you are the only master of your life.

· Complete Sovereignty: This field helps establish a mental, emotional, and spiritual environment where only you exist in your space, completely unaffected by the external world. It reinforces your personal sovereignty, keeping your system free from outside influence.


This sounds really awesome!


That is a dream come true! :heart_eyes: That feels like freedom!


Woah, what a super interesting mandala. I’m getting Neville Goddard vibes. He also talked about how each of us are sovereign creators of our own realities. What a wonderful idea! I love all the added shielding and clearing effects


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I just purchased it, of course. I wish others do the same. This one first and when i have money for it the next purchase will be Release From Archonic Control.

@Maitreya :heart::heart::heart:


didnt buy it yet,
but i can say as my understanding and researching
this dm (exept the soul dm’s) is one of the most important tool ever
i wish everyone in this world will have this one haha


No, this does not stop the effects of Maitreya, as well as other beneficial effects that a person has personally chosen to use, to receive.

It might be possible at certain moments for a person to receive beneficial effects from entities or other energies that would then aim to finish him and have control over his emotions, thoughts, actions. The point here is to clear things that the person did not choose of their own free will.

Everything else will continue to work, only the forcible embedding of things that the person himself is not aware of or has not chosen is removed.


Maybe i should change the description to be more clear.


I’m glad this field does exactly as you described. I do apologize as the description is clear already, but I happened to ask for an extended description which for others might be obvious.

Thanks for the reply :pray:


I just read it now and actually it’s not very clear, but that’s because it was written around 2 a.m. haha

Tomorrow I will clarify and correct the description. :slight_smile:


If I understand well this doesn’t protect from archonic control, or are the etc… archonic too?
thank you.

I often pick up on other people’s desires, opinions about themselves, judgments, perspectives, and make them my own.

For example, if someone feels guilty about themselves… poof… in an instant, I start feeling guilty about myself too.
If someone starts criticizing themselves… I immediately start criticizing myself.
If someone wants to buy something specific for themselves… poof… I also start wanting to buy it.

For a long time, I didn’t recognize all of this, but then I realized that most of my thoughts are not my own.

Will this DM help me not pick up on other people’s realities and shield me from their thoughts, emotions, states, and desires?


@Hero Yes, The Autonomous Self Field can help you with that issue. It’s wonderful that you’ve become aware of it and are no longer living your life based on the emotions of others, but instead have understanding and awareness. You might also want to check out this mandala: DM: Empath Protection DM: Empath Protection - MaitreyaFields. From my work with myself and others on similar topics, I’ve learned that one isn’t born empathic but becomes so, often in early childhood. While empathy is currently being promoted as a wonderful trait within spiritual communities — and indeed, it can become a beautiful quality — it can initially be a significant challenge.

It often emerges in early childhood as a protective mechanism. If a child is exposed to a hostile, unsafe environment, or if their parents aren’t clear about their desires, emotions, or expectations and play emotional games, the child develops empathy. Essentially, this allows them to tap into their energy field to discern and understand the truth from others’ fields.

Given the intensity of what you’re experiencing, even to the point of feeling physical symptoms like someone else’s hunger, it might be necessary for you to explore topics related to the theory I shared above. Do you still have these protective mechanisms? Are they still needed, or are you now in a better environment? Do you trust people? Such questions might be worth pondering.

I would recommend listening to the field of unconditional love for a few months.
If you have opportunity, consider getting these necklaces:


Thank you very much for your response.

A bit earlier, I began using DM Integrating the Higher Self, and probably due to it, I delved into the topic you’re discussing even before you mentioned it. I realized that the main issue lies in the lack of foundational security, in not feeling needed, loved, and worthy merely by the fact of my birth.

The DM: Empath Protection mandala wasn’t effective.

I utilized mandalas like DM Parent’s Love, DM Unconditional Love to Baby in the Womb. The mandalas from the Love Series also proved to be incredibly helpful.
Additionally, I worked with mandalas associated with lineage – Ancestral Line Rearrangement, SBR Part 1 Ancestral + DNA Cleaning, Ancestral Line Clearing War Trauma, AncestralLineClearing NFT, and Ancestors Power and Support.

All of this, along with childhood exploration practices, prenatal development work, parental forgiveness, and Hellinger’s constellations, made a significant contribution to my life and profoundly transformed the situation I mentioned earlier.

I found a foundation within myself. Now, the mandalas related to boosting confidence and masculine qualities resonate and function differently.

After shifting my relationship with my parents, I stopped projecting those dynamics onto others. My attitude towards people underwent a radical change. I ceased to defend and resist, and a general sense of security in human interactions emerged. None of the confidence-boosting mandalas yielded such results.

This has been an absolutely remarkable experience.

I thank you, Maitreya, for these incredible products and your care for us. It’s truly invaluable.

Ps: It would also be cool to have a DM “Separation from Parents.”
I’m sure that it’s a very important topic.


Will this Mandala increase or decrease the connection to your higher self?

I don’t think so.
If that were the case, it would be specified in the description.

However, your higher self is indeed you, and you will undoubtedly hear yourself better as the strength of external signals diminishes.


By removing the influence of everything that wants to slave you, your connection will improve as a part of the liberating process. Nothing will stand between you and your Higher Self.


Will this shield hinder effects of other fields, like Manifestation Box and Right decision Mandala.
I also do some healings would it prevent the healings on people and animals im sending?

No. It removes negative and harmful.