DM: Disconnect from Harmful Places

Recover Energy from Place

During stressful events, our energy system suffers energetic losses and can also absorb harmful energy from the environment. It is not uncommon for a person to experience worsened mental and physical health after such an event, which can persist for years.

Our energy system imprints the exact place where the traumatic event took place and we may experience repeated emotional trauma when we visit or even just pass by it.

This field has been designed to recover the energy you lost a specific place during traumatic and upsetting experiences. It brings back the energy that your energy system released due to the stress and clears from you all the harmful, shocking or otherwise damaging energy. It releases the energetic imprint of trauma from all your bodies-the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and finer bodies.

It is designed to help you recover from emotional, mental and physical harm after a traumatic event.

The field can be uses to recover from any type of traumatic events, such as car accidents, fright, shock, demeaning or humiliating experiences or anything that has happened to us and made us afraid, undermined our sense of self-worth, hope and trust and changed how we relate to other people and chose to live our lives.


:heart: I can’t find words that would express my gratitude for that good enough. I never thought about traumas from this perspective. So many army people could benefit from it. Thank you :heart:


Hi Maitreya, Thanks for this field. Last november I fell down in early morning hour in Coorg tourist place which had lot of pain on left hand palm and after a week i started having balance issues Giddiness and medical test revealed b12 , D3 andthyroid issues and till now i have these symtoms though b12, D3 deficiency and thyoid have clinically better now. I also suffered money losses . Not sure is this due to planetay periods but wanted to know this field can help remove if that incident caused any energetic issues in me? Thanks

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I have no idea why the things you describe have happened, so I cannot guarantee any response on my part. You may want to reread the product description and feel with your heart and intuition whether this field is suitable for you or not.

If you decide to purchase it i would be glad to hear what happened after you used it. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I have purchased it already on Gumroad. When i intensly focussed on Mandala to remove bad energy on hands which touched the ground i felt some warm sensation but need to check if my health, giddiness all improve in coming days.

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I know what you mean Nymtaar. well said and I feel thee same way. I love these DM’s, I Just got The DM’s, Disconnect from Harmful Places & Unplug from Egregores… next would be release apathy & grief, next month. I have all the Money/Wealth/Abundance/Hit the Lottery DM’s so I can manifest more money for DM’s.Ha. Reality Shifter, Reality Note and Maya Ruler, Gate of Abundance…the journey continues:-) Peace Love and Light. Respect.

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I collected traumas in this lifetime like Pokemons. Valuable lessons but it doesn’t mean that I have to suffer forever.
I must say that this mandala is very strong. I wore it all day, all night and meditated with intention. The healing crisis hit me really fast. So I cry a lot, I get sudden flashbacks from things that I forgot, and it’s ok. I think the hardest part for me was to realize that I had lost so many pieces of myself. So with every flashback, I get more compassion for myself. And I am always hard on myself! So this is new to me.

Guilt, shame, and blame are always associated with trauma. I blamed myself for not being strong enough.
For everyone who is going to use it:

  1. You will be ok.
  2. Let emotions flow.
  3. Keep going.
  4. You will get all your pieces back.

i will disconnect from collage and work place and see what will change

its really works , its heals me from somthing i forgat about but was so shocking

what a relief!

good for root chakra.