DM: Unplug from EGREGORES

Suppose we begin to think of everything in existence/consciousness as energy fields, or something which contains energy. In that case, we realize that all of our positive traits and beliefs about ourselves, and all of our negative traits, and beliefs about ourselves, are in fact fields.

These fields influence our direction in life, because the ones we’ve carried around with us for a long time are fully integrated and act as fully matured automatic thought forms, and can have profound and real effects on reality.

So in an entirely literal sense, accepting that one has a disorder or illness, a personality trait or flaw, an unsolvable situation, a doomed aspect of their lives, etc, these are all fields we allow ourselves to carry around.

This DM purpose is to remove all negative fields we have accepted through trauma, beliefs about ourselves, negative thinking, entity influence, etc, etc.

This field would likely be the most important field you could possibly own, since it removes both conscious and subconscious blockages, and removes the source of all our long-standing problems in life.

By dissolving and counteracting our integrated negative fields, we would be truly free and like a blank slate. We would be left with all our productive, positive, and wonderful beliefs about ourselves and the states we constantly carry around with us.


Hi Maitreya, thank you for this new field. Is it something new from existing product i bought like remove nagative energy, trauma related fields, awakening God 2 as description basically sounds like removing negativity for which already many fields are there. If its quite different kindly advise how it is different from all existing fields to remove negativity so that i can buy it.

No, this field is not like the others and it does not simply remove negative energy. Let me further explain the concept of egregores with examples for better understanding.

Have you ever found yourself in a completely new environment, where everyone else is different from you? When you spend time with these people, you AUTOMATICALLY, on a subconscious level, absorb knowledge about the area they are interested in.

For example, if I want to become a chess champion, I need to find an environment where the best players communicate and be present in their surroundings to soak up this information automatically.

With this mechanism, I will learn everything I need 100 times faster compared to sitting at home alone and reading all the books by the best chess players.

People create/connect to egregores, and your fontanelle, i.e., your 7th chakra, is designed to receive information from the environment.

For instance, if you’re a wealthy person, let’s say a millionaire, and you start spending time with poor people, very soon you’ll automatically start losing your money - you’ll get huge bills, your car will break down, you’ll lose money on stocks or other failed investments.

This is an example with people, as it is the easiest to illustrate, but in reality, everything in our world has its own egregore of energy and when you start paying attention there, you automatically start downloading information from the egregores of this area.

This field tracks all the egregores to which you’re connected and separates them from you. I hope this brings more clarity. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much Maitreya for crystal clear clarity on what this field does.

Maitreya would this DM field help with our manifestation since it removes both conscious and subconscious blockages ? And i’m guessing maybe it could also help us better results with our Mandalas?

It can help of course.

Thanks for explanations.

Does the mandala separate only negative egregores from us or all of them?

I would also like to receive more information about egregores related to money, success, and wealth. Are they harmful? Can a mandala disconnect from them?

Can a person function successfully without egregors at all?

It works only to remove the negative ones.

Having money and other material goods, as well as desiring to have them is not something bad, contrary to what has been collectively instilled for years, especially by religions. The desire for money can turn into something bad for a person when it turns into greed, but that’s a different topic.

If you think about it, people who have money and all physical needs and necessities satisfied are much happier, kind, calm, good, etc. Actually, it’s quite hard to be a good person when you are on the brink of poverty and wondering whether and how you’ll survive the next day.

Probably 80% of the crimes on Earth are committed because someone does not have enough, or he has failed for various reasons to secure what is most necessary for him.

So, money in no way is something bad, but quite the contrary.

I don’t have an answer to this question, but I assume that it is not possible at least at this level. But it is also not necessary. There are many energies and fields that can bring an extraordinary experience of the matrix to a person. :slight_smile:


Understood, thank you very much for the explanation.

I have even bought a mandala already ))

In the first 40 minutes, I even felt the release of energies in the form of blockages in the lower back area and the Muladhara chakra.

Thanks for another masterpiece )


“The things that bothered you before will be leaving you , say goodbye to them.”
no more agony over this that and the other - Inner Message, that I received, shortly after ‘running’ ( Opening The Mandala - Unplug from Egergores)
I bought this, Unplug from Egergores and the Discconect from harmful places
this evening and ‘ran’ them right along with the other DM ‘s I have.
Yesterday I Purchased Divinity Activation,
Self Love and Acceptance,
Become Your Best Self,
Eternal Cleaner,
Etheric Spells and Curses Clearing
, Releasing Vows and Old Soul Contracts &
Restore Etheric Body & Close Auric Gaps
THis combo in addtion to the other Many DM’s Im running, several very heavy hitting DM’s, I drink a LOT of water, Make shure Im outside , at least 3 times a day, run Energy Limit Breaker & The Grounding Mandala ( Earthing & grounding DM !)
Matireya Fields are wonderful and very powerful. They Help Me to help Myself, they lessen MY suffering on this Planet ! I uses many things, Lighthealing’s Rejuvenizer’s, Subliminals, Tesla purple plates, Gate of Abundance Pendant ( ordered on the Maitreya Store website last Autumn)
DM’s take time, but I can feel the energies from them,easily, and for me’ even across the room’ from my Laptops, or print outs. yes I can sense them and feel them " further away"
Gotta say here before Im done, thank you all for making these two newly released Fields so affordable 10 bucks each! THANK YOU!!
Thank you so so much Maitreya and Staff!! Thank you deeply !!


I accidentally set the price of this item on Gumroad at $44 instead of $10. I have already emailed the people who purchased it at the higher price, offering them to choose another mandala for this value or to have a partial refund, but I haven’t received a response. If any of them see this message here, please check your email or contact me to rectify this.

@Maitreya can egregores become a morphic field

It’s very powerful i can feel it a big shift within


Hi Maitreya, I have recieved your mail but if i want to buy another mandala , how can I buy with deduction? Gumroad not showing any balance for me. Let me know if you can create discount code and give me. My email id starts with madan

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Send me email

based on this , if the person above has this mandala, does that mean that he wont experience the same scenarios ??

Thanks. I have already replied to your email

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Yup, thats what makes the field - removes these egregores which are harmful to you.

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My list right now it feels amazingly liberating


I would like to ask what is the difference between Archon and Egregore. I often have negative thoughts, some of them feel like from other sources rather than myself (I never have such thoughts or cannot understand why I have such thoughts). I also have had a lot of bad luck during the last 2 years and the first time in my life to go through so much. May you suggest if I need to use the field for Archon or Egregore or both?