New Release; The Healing Chamber

Imagine how that would be if you were able to heal while just being asleep? Our physical body does heal during sleep…However it heals at a certain level and is limited to only the physical body. This field allows you to heal every aspect of your being. Physical, mental, and spiritual. It puts you at Delta and a hypnosis state to heal you at a very faster speed than usual.

While played it puts your brain at deep Delta state. A state where all healing starts. Many people have trouble sleeping or are exhausted and tired in the morning because they are unable to have Delta sleep long enough. Delta state is the state when you sleep without having any dreams or deep sleep state. So make sure you only use it when you are about to sleep at night otherwise it won’t work fully.

Physical healing:

It allows your body to be healed to its core. We have 37.2 trillion cells in our body. It allows you to heal and detoxify every single of them. It can heal any issue that you have with your physical body. Any sickness can be healed with ease. After all our sickness is a physical manifestation of your spiritual or mental issue. This field can put you at the stare of autophagy… A state where every damaged part of our body can be healed. Doesn’t matter if you have skin problems, organ issues, or any disease it has the power to heal any physical illness imaginable as it destroys all the illness from its root in astral level. It also recovers jing, shen, and chi.

Emotional healing:

As we grow up we face many problems in life. And it can leave us emotionally drained. Relationships, family, friends and many other things can cause us trouble. It can heal all painful memories of your past and present situation. It clears all types of emotional blockage form all chakra and your mind so that you can be free and live free without any fear, regret or anything bothering you emotionally. It returns you into your true divine self which is free from all these attachments and full of self love.

Spiritual healing:

Allows your aura to be cleaned at 15 dimensional level. Prevents energy blockage and leakage from your energy body. Heals and grows all chakra and balances them accordingly. It also enhances energy sensitivity . Which allows you to get results from any field and allows you to feel energy deeply and more effectively. Can also remove any cords that’s connected to your energy body and draining energy or any entities that’s attached within you.


Yesterday was my first day of listening to this audio.


How it worked for you?

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In the two days I noticed a slight increase in energy


Does it work too if you meditate in delta?

If we use this, do we still need Tong Ren Healing?

Tong Ren is very powerful as it works with the spine and also many meridians in the body.
People who have problems with the skeletal system and nerves have good results from tong ren.

They are both good healings,
but the healing chamber was made to be listened while you sleep and tong ren gives instant energy boost, so it’s better to be used at day.


Is the healing chamber silent audio?


the audio is not loud or doesn’t have loud sound…you can play in low volume and sleep…

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@anon21115996 yeah bro, maitreya’s fields work as long played at 10% volume


I would like to ask a question
The length of the music is one hour so I should only listen to it once and that’s enough?
Or should I let it play in a loop until I wake up?

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You can listen it once and you can loop it all night. It was made to be listened while you sleep.


I listen twice

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Listened to it last night. Must admite it works quite well. Will continue using this audio cos i am drown to it. Currently, i am preparing for cholecystectomy procedure and this audio helps.

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I will use this audio for couple of weeks after i will swich to using Universal healing and then Christ Consciousness audio.
Time to expand my capabilities :sunglasses:
I love when there is a good description in them to read :100:


Have you tried the Awakening God series? They are very powerful :slight_smile:


Agree. I find god pt1 is more useful on my case. It digged up a lot of my dirts, and man, the process is painful but rewarding. To me, it is more like a deep cleansing track.

I am in my 1st week of God pt2. So far, nothing unique has occured.


No i haven’t yet. I will put it on my list right after Christ Consciousness.
I just woke up after listening 15 min of Healing Chamber. In 2 minutes of audio i was out. I could feel it working on my gallblader. I slept good and now it feels better. Audios are also powerfull. I will use one at the time before sleep and mandalas during day.


Just purchased this. Will try today while sleeping :hugs:

The field description sounds like it is worth Billions! :raised_hands: :gem:

Friends, post your healing results!


What is your experience with them?