DM: Comfort Zone Expander

Most people have firmly set boundaries of their comfort zones. When something extraordinary happens and they find themselves out of their comfort zone they may become very uncomfortable or even emotionally unstable.

This Digital Mandala has been designed to gradually expand your comfort zone to a range that is both optimal for your well-being and allows for freedom and development, taking into account your energy level. As your comfort zone expands your resistance to life or ‘what is’ will decrease and acceptance of it will become natural for you. You will be able to see perfection in each moment no matter what happens. Your consciousness will become flexible and flowing and you will feel free from limited perspectives. Flexibility and optimistic and positive outlook on life will become easy and natural. Fear of the unknown will be lessened and you will trust Life to guide you on your best path for your highest good.


Thank you for making this DM based on my idea, and it is so affordable too. I hope this helps a lot of people.

As the idea giver, who should I contact to get it for free? Maitreya is not accepting pm at the moment. I’m excited!



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This one and the impossible possible combined are amazing together. A lot of fears barriers and blockages melt like ice under the sun, well worth it!