DM: Brahmacharya V2.2 with 3rd Eye-Opening

I’ve been using this mandala since September 21’ and have noticed I have more control over my sexual urges and desires. As far as the “no semen” part, I couldn’t tell you as I haven’t been having sex in part cause I have less desires to. As if this new year I’m beginning to take this mandalas more seriously with an active approach instead of just casually wearing it passively. I now talk to it and give it commands to act upon and have seen positive results from this. I also meditate while wearing it, as I become more conscious if the energetic work it does on my system


The field is limited to two commands only so how do you communicate with it?

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Most of the fields are very intelligent and can get your intentions.


Yes exactly what maitreya said. It would be best to see these mandalas as 24/7 personal assistants in whatever area you would like to work on. This mandala would be like a personal assistant, guru, or whatever form of mentor you would like that specializes in having a brahmacharya (more sexual control) mindset. I wouldn’t necessarily use this mandala, for instance, to lose weight since that’s not what it specializes in; the Witcher servitor works best as an all around assistant. Just try meditating and asking the mandala to remove any communication interferences and you may start receiving a response from it.


This field is supposed to use sexual energy for various things as mentioned. Can I ask the field to use the energy only for a specific purpose instead of all the things mentioned?

The increasing semen audio and this mandala can be counter productive? Or the audio can accelerate the process and increase the effects? Since more supposable semen in the body I mean

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What I’ve found is that Brahma v1 works better than that semen increasing audio for accelerating process. It says in the field it increases SRx5 and testes growth. The other one one just has the latter and is focused more on sex. And the latter also feels like it’s bringing that type of energy down rather than up. There’s a certain heavenly clarity on retention that is extremely noticeable when it its disturbed.


Does having masturbation or sex during the period of six months resets the permanent change process?

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Can anyone answer this question?

It doesn’t reset it but slows it down.


Will this interfere with subliminals that includes affirmations for attracting women, becoming a sex god etc…

Also, relating to my first question, is a subliminal formed into a thought form or is it different?

And would i be able to feel horny, just in different way?


Does this field also clear out sexual content in general, like stories?

@Maitreya just got this Mandela truly amazing, can I work with it just to turn the sexual energy into ojas? as I have no desire for money etc just ojas

You can set intention. As with everything energetic, your intention will direct the energy to wherever you want.

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This mandala is incredible, just like the one about releasing the effects of pornography, it is like a constant guardian that keeps you on the path, sometimes I notice a resistance of wanting to return to bad habits but then it is released, the only drawback I find (and it is not the field’s fault) are the withdrawal symptoms, those resistances of wanting to return to bad habits, feeling irritable, depressed, etc. They are what you must resist until the mandala and your own discipline free them. It works, but you still have to go through the detox process.
I’m literally cleaning up years of degeneration.
@Maitreya Is there any method or field that you recommend to make this process easier?


Well done! You will not recognize yourself in a week :slightly_smiling_face:

:arrow_down:This is great for any energetic changes. Drink a lot of water, that is the best way to speed up detox. And grounding.


Thank you very much, I’ll add it now! :smiley:

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Has any female found an uptick in sexual energy/ dreams after starting to use this?

I wouldn’t recommend this for a woman. We have a different biological process. This field operates on semen, too. You might confuse your ovaries.


I read this. It’s still probably best avoided then.