DM: Body Voyage

Travel on a journey inside the human body. With this mandala, you have to work manually - best in meditation. You can see everything in the body from a close - microscopic level (heart, brain, blood vessels, cells, etc…) To see the system you want, you just have to give intention for this place and the mandala will work with your brain and body so you can tap in this on a conscious level.

Take this adventure inside your body!

P.S. Mandala and seeing will get stronger and grow with time. This will let you see much faster than the first tries.


Well i wrote a similar Idea in the game of creative 13 days ago hopefully i will win something :rofl::rofl:


Most of the mandalas released in the last 2 weeks came from the Ideas thread! Looks like Maitreya and team are making many of them as they are loving the ideas posted!


Ideas are great and more mandalas and videos will come soon :blue_heart: :pray: