DM: Body Voyage 2

Additionally to the first version of the first mandala (CLICK FOR DESCRIPTION),

with this field, you can install and uninstall beliefs into your separated systems from the body.

With that is included also subconsciousness reprogrammer which will send directly this information to the right hemisphere of the brain.


can we see our internal organs in 3D?

Does this require you already have visualization abilities in order to see inside?

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Could you please give an example of beliefs that we can install into separated systems from the body. No idea.

No need of visualization abilities, but needs the person to have a calmer mind.

Here you would need to think logically and creatively.
What inside system of the body can show as a reflection in my life?

Skeletal system - holds the whole body (logically)
So beliefs that you can install (example):
I am strong
I am able to coup with life/anything
I am capable

Blood Circulatory system - Flows, brings life (logically)
So beliefs that you can install (example):
I have trust in life
I can flow with the life
I love life … and any other beliefs that are related to life
You can also remove fears related to death in this system

The interesting stuff when you put new beliefs in your organs/systems is that this changes also emotional and mental beliefs / and points of view in life. They are not separated.


Maitreya, thank you very much!!!
Now I understand that I can install a lot of beliefs and influence my body through them. So many possibilities…

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Wow, this reminds me of the book by Louise Hay “You can heal your life” where each body part, organ and system is linked to a belief or feeling.
@Tatjana_Zhiltsova Highly recommended to get the book, as it will give you more ideas like Maitreya provided above


Lady_Nikki, thank you!! I read this book long ago and when Maitreya explained about the beliefs something came across my mind but I could not recall the author or the title. That was it!


Can this belief repair tissue damage?