DM: Dreams Guide

This field connects you with your higher self or form of your self from another dimension. It will induce bright and vivid dreams that carry a message which will help you in a situation you may have trouble with or wish to see from a wiser point of view. People with stronger intuition can get their insights also when they are awake. Usually, that happens when they slow down their brain waves through the day while relaxing or meditating.

  1. Activate the mandala with the word “Activate” then put it under your pillow or in your pocket if you carry it with you during the day

  2. Tell the mandala about the issue you want to gain more knowledge or a wiser outlook or receive guidance.




Maitreya team just dropped bombs. :raised_hands: Excited for all of these dream mandalas

Pleiadians: “Greetings, we’re here to gui-”
Me: “Hi Sorry, can you hold that vision? Getting a call from Arcturians”