#6 Game of Creative Ideas

We’re delighted to unveil the Game of Creative Ideas #6! This opportunity is open to everyone, offering a chance to win digital mandalas from our store of your choosing. :tada:

A gentle reminder: This game focuses on creative and abstract ideas unrelated to physical changes. If your concept is about the body or more aligned with the 3D realm, please use this thread: Fields Suggestions.

Prizes are as follows:

  • The 1st winner will receive fields worth $500 of their choice.
  • The 2nd winner will receive fields worth $250 of their choice.
  • The 3rd winner will receive fields worth $100 of their choice.

The game ends on the 31st of January, 2024. Maitreya will choose the winners.

We hope you all enjoy and participate in The Game of Creative Ideas #6.

Let the game begin! :partying_face:


DM: Living at the End

One of the most effective ways to manifest what you desire is considered to be imagining that your wish has already come tru.

So, if you want to manifest something, ask yourself: “What thoughts would I have if I already had everything I wanted? What emotions? What feelings?” Living at the end simply means living as if all your desires have already been fulfilled, with no lack, need, or desperation, because what you want is already at your disposal.

It’s both simple and challenging at the same time. Simple because it’s easy enough to imagine. Challenging because you need to live your everyday life, thinking about these thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and not paying attention to everyday thoughts related to need, lack, or desperation.

How Mandala Works:

You show the mandala the goal you want to manifest.

You imagine as if what you want to manifest is already yours, adding corresponding thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

  • The mandala captures all your positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions associated with the goal, locks them in, and continually broadcasts them onto you.

  • It removes feelings of need, lack, and desperation.

  • It removes all negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions associated with the goal.

  • It removes all negative subconscious and conscious beliefs and resistance.

  • It removes all your “it won’t work,” “I can’t,” “too expensive,” “impossible,” “unrealistic.”

  • It removes all secondary gains associated with why your desire cannot be realized.

  • It removes negative projections and expectations from family, parents, and the ancestral system.

  • It removes the excessive importance of having your desire.

  • It makes you stop thinking about your desire, which loses its excessive importance.

  • It constantly energizes your desire.

  • It continuously cleanses it of everything hindering materialization, such as your new thoughts, emerging fears, uncertainties, and any newly invented point of views.

With this mandala, you no longer try to get results; you no longer have to worry about whether you performed the manifestation technique correctly. You don’t have to wait for a future where you’ll have results; your future is already here. You mentally start acting like someone whose wish has already been fulfilled because energetically your desire already exists. And very soon, it will manifest in physical reality.

It can be perfectly used with the Field Emitter or Mandala Manager.

The mandala works with only one goal.

The mandala memorizes your goal and all the settings, and every time you use it, there’s no need to set it up again.

The goal can be either small and singular or large and complex (for example, work + family + leisure + quality of life + financial possibilities = one visualization image, i.e., one big goal).

To record a new goal, just say CANCEL, and then you can create a new one.



Picture a life where you effortlessly navigate any scenario with absolute confidence. This transformative DM empowers you to master the art of Improvising Any Situation. Whether facing danger, conversing with your crush, public speaking, engaging in sports, or even embracing uncertainties like gambling – the potential is boundless! Cultivate profound self-confidence and independence knowing that this DM is there with you, embarking on a journey where you can gracefully handle life’s curveballs with minimal to no preparation. Elevate your learning and memory, equipping yourself to respond adeptly to sudden changes, awkward moments, emergencies, and more. Embrace this indispensable life hack for a lifetime of unparalleled prowess!"
















Discover secrets of distant galaxies and cosmic wonders, unraveling the mysteries of the universe.

Connect with the cosmic consciousness, unveiling ancient wisdom and long-forgotten truths.

Explore alternate dimensions and timelines through dreams, gaining knowledge beyond our realm.

Mentally connect with interdimensional beings, absorbing metaphysical knowledge through meditation.

Grasp the intricacies of quantum mechanics, understand the fundamental building blocks of reality.

Project your consciousness into the astral plane, tapping into an ethereal library housing wisdom from across the universe.

Integrate information from different planes, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the cosmos.

Master the decryption of intricate cosmic algorithms, unveiling advanced scientific and metaphysical insights embedded in crop circles.

Instantly receive celestial maps into your mind, navigating the cosmos and unraveling the journey of exploration among the stars.


I see what you did there lol.

Too easy :stuck_out_tongue:

  • A field where you can travel through the multiverse and merge with all your multiversal selves becoming something, unfathomable.

  • Find Extra-terrestrial beings and communicate with them. Gain knowledge from them etc.

  • A hyperbolic time chamber field, where seconds of listening would actually equate to hours. The benefits for this field would be unfathomable.

  • Scalar wave / vector wave converter field, that essentially converts aff. Etc. into scalar waves , making them more powerful overtime and possessing infinite energy due to, the fact that scalar waves do not end, they only grow.

  • Pass the asvab with top score.

  • Create multiple personalities/selfs that each have unique abilities and can be easily accessed.

  • A field that entrains you to feel high vibrating emotions, like if you tried to feel gratitude, but you can’t, because your like numb or something.

  • Create your own pocket dimension, and store things in it etc.

  • Merge the conscious, subconscious, unconscious into one ultimate mind ,Gaining untold benefits and becoming possibly an beyond existential entity even in the universe.

  • Break free from the cycle of rebirth and attain total liberation.

  • Remember all past lives ever lived, and able to use all of your experience in this one, and never forget all those lives and their experiences, skills, etc. in the next lives ahead.

  • Quantum jump to the version of yourself who is experiencing the desired reality.

  • Automatic cleansing of Residual Negative orgone energy from your orgonite.


A Field/DM or a Object
That can use as a Portal.
Thats Open o Portal to the Place where u Want to be With the normal body awaken.

Is something Like that possible ? :slight_smile:


this is possible even without a mandala so yes :slight_smile:

A short story first
:slight_smile: :pleading_face:

All my life i was seaking for truth .
For a very long time ,
Iv been expirience a psychic attack , energy vamps , spells , traumas .
I was expirience these with no idea what happen …

By looking for answers, slowly i started to realize that nothing is random .
and that we living in a conseptual reality that effcted by meta-physic /
parlel multi deimentional simulation .

After my awakening and also being aware to energy work , i found maitreya and other field creators .

Today using only maitreya fields <3

I bought already most of maitreya’s shields and other protections
On shop .

Im trying many combinations to provide sovereignty and i think maitreya can make a sirius upgrade with the tools that already exist :pray::heart:

Here is my idea!! :
I thought about the ultimate shield
That combine the fevorite famus shield
to be cover all spectrum of protection and all maitreya’s thecneices

Included with:

In your favor
Energy protections
Remote view protection
Return to sender
Saint cyript black magix
Vibiration rising
Shadow miror , smoke of confesion , spiderwebs (patreon)

Some espect from universal clearing (damn its helping so much)

Some ideas If possible :
This protection will be unvisible like adaptive shield .

The shield will work as a smart guardian
That work individualy with one only mission!

Because the guradian is a servitor
As the sildonor
He cannot be effected by manipulations
Holograhic reality’s
Mind and Subconsness programing .

** the shield cant be shut down by the owner itself because : when having these remote controls , portals or shape shfting.
( pretnet to be the owner and shut down the shield. ) he can recnize the authentic Higher self of the owner and take orders by him only .

The guardian
, use’s energy from invroment (like the limit breaker)

Hope you like it
It can help so many lightcworkers for sure :white_heart:


The desire to win must be so strong that everyone present is considered a fool, creating new profiles and liking ))

@Maitreya @Polaris I think it’s necessary to allow voting only for those who registered at least before the start of the contest, not after )) Even better, if registered for at least 6 months and actively participating forum member :slight_smile:
Otherwise, everything turns into some kind of farce.

P.S.: But in connection with this, I came up with a new idea :slight_smile:


DM: The Mirror

The world and events that a person perceives from the outside are a reflection of their internal reality.

The mirror principle in psychology reflects the idea that our relationships with other people and the world often function as a mirror, reflecting our own feelings, thoughts, behavior, and self-esteem.

This principle underscores the interconnectedness between our inner world and the external environment. Understanding this principle can help in realizing how we perceive and influence the world around us, as well as how our actions can be mirrored back to us through feedback from others.

The essence of the principle lies in the fact that, for example, if something surprises/upsets/irritates you in a conversation partner, if the conversational partner or a group of people seem wrong/suspicious/bad to you, or if there is a constant “mess” in your life - it is necessary to address these issues within yourself.

People are mere reflections of you - they always show you what you fail to see or ignore within yourself (like a mirror).

For instance,

  • if people behave aggressively towards you, there might be suppressed or unexpressed inner aggression within you. Dealing with it will likely change how others treat you, eliminating aggression.

  • If you deceive others, it means you are first and foremost lying to yourself, and be assured that other people will deceive you.

  • If you devalue others, you are essentially devaluing yourself, and others will reflect that back to you by devaluing you.

  • If you consider other people idiots, rest assured you consider yourself an idiot, and others will simply mirror that belief.

  • If you suffer inside and experience feelings of guilt or shame, you will engage in situations and stories where other people mirror these sufferings, feelings of guilt, and shame back to you.

This mandala connects with your higher self and subconscious, bringing hidden aspects of yourself to the surface, providing awareness of why certain events occur in your life.

The mandala helps you understand and become aware of the most complex aspects of your life, finding the root cause and transforming it.

It is an intelligent tool to help you resolve any situation, providing consciousness about it.

By becoming aware and viewing all external events as a mirrored reflection of your actions, thoughts, perspectives, projections, and expectations, you will soon realize that you are an extension of the divine and the creator of your reality.

In order for others to love you unconditionally, to be highly valued, I am sure that you already know what you need to change in yourself ))

And the mandala will assist you in clarifying all these answers and incorporating them into yourself.


To combat the creation of fake profiles for cheating in the game, this rule is being amended.

At the end of the period, I will choose the three best ideas, considering the real likes.

Be aware that as administrators, we can see the IP addresses used to access the forum and the different profiles.

Good luck to everyone!


DMMaster of Resilience
Inner Strength and Resilience: Continuously fortifies the inner core, fostering a strong, disciplined mindset.
Positive Outlook and Optimism: Consistently promotes seeing the positive in every situation.
Stress and Anxiety Relief: Provides ongoing calm, alleviating stress and anxiety.
Endorphin Release: Regularly stimulates endorphins, enhancing overall well-being.
Adaptability and Overcoming Obstacles: Aids in adjusting to new situations and effortlessly overcoming challenges.
Enhanced Learning and Emotional Intelligence: Boosts information absorption, emotional management, and promotes adaptive thinking.
Resilient Force Field (Activated by “activate” Keyword):

Enhanced Energetic Protection: Offers additional protection against external negative influences.
Increased Mental Clarity: Improves focus and mental clarity when activated.
Reinforced Emotional Stability: Strengthens emotional balance, especially in high-pressure situations.
Deactivation: It can be turned off with the “deactivate” keyword.


DM: NSI-189 (NeuroGenesis Mastery) A Revolutionary Cognitive Elixir and Overall Life Enhancer✨

This groundbreaking field will give the full effect of NSI-189, delivering a powerful transformation to your being. Immerse yourself with benefits that will enhance your cognitive, emotional and overall well-being:

Neurogenesis Unleashed:
Stimulate the birth of new neurons, revitalizing your mind with unprecedented potential.

Memory Amplification:
Experience a surge in memory recall, ensuring each moment with clarity.

Spatial Mastery:
Elevate your spatial reasoning skills, navigating life’s complexities with newfound ease.

Mood Enhancement:
Embrace an uplifted emotional state and bid farewell to stress, fear, and anger.

Hippocampal Rejuvenation:
Reverse the effects of atrophy, revitalising the core of your cognitive prowess.

Meditative Marvel:
Attain deeper meditative states effortlessly, fostering inner peace and tranquility.

Flow State Facilitator:
Glide into states of flow effortlessly, achieving optimal performance in any endeavor.

HD Vision Upgrade:
Witness the world in stunning clarity, with eyesight that effortlessly zooms in and out.

Colour Symphony:
Indulge in an unparalleled experience of colours, enhancing your perception of the vibrant world around you.

3D Imagination Mastery:
Unleash the potential of your imagination in three-dimensional splendour.

Clarity Unleashed:
Enhance mental clarity, promoting sharper focus and advanced cognition.

Confidence Surge:
Boost your confidence to new heights, empowering your journey towards self-discovery.

Oneness Awakening:
Foster a profound sense of oneness with the universe, expanding your understanding of interconnectedness.

Inner Peace Symphony:
Attain inner tranquility, transcending daily challenges with grace.

Cognitive Apex:
Elevate your cognition to new dimensions, experiencing unparalleled mental acuity.

Balanced Brain Harmony:
Administer the perfect blend of NSI-189, maintaining therapeutic levels safely and effectively.

Chemical Equilibrium:
Eliminate chemical imbalances, ensuring your brain operates in perfect harmony.

This field is not just a replication but an enhancement, going beyond expectations to deliver the desired transformative results. Embrace NeuroGenesis Mastery and embark on a journey of cognitive enlightenment like never before!


DM:Persuader_MAKE A DEAL

Do you want to become a natural sales champion, are you facing an important deal, or do you simply want to persuade those around you to travel with you?

This field is particularly suitable for those who find their minds cluttered and don’t know what to say during conversations, those who wish to improve interpersonal relationships, those who want to be better at speaking up, and those engaged in creative or planning types of work.

In this field, you will learn to recognize the underlying needs of others, making your words more impactful. You’ll engage in conversations with vibrant energy, becoming a better listener and possessing the ability to ask precise questions, whether you’re introverted or extroverted. This will also help build trust in you, allow you to always sense the unspoken, promptly identify the pain points of others, and achieve immediate deals or persuade others.

Moreover, this field enables you to clearly grasp the timing of silence and response, helping others to better understand your intentions and reducing misunderstandings and malicious questioning.

This field includes the energy of throat chakra and Blue Apatite, aimed at enhancing your confidence and communication skills. It allows for clearer self-thought, encourages you to express your inner thoughts more bravely, soothes emotions, reduces internal fluctuations, and lessens the impact of past sad experiences, bringing harmony to your thoughts.

Enhancing Communication Skills:

Promotes clearer and more effective communication, helping to understand others’ viewpoints and express your own thoughts effectively.

Mutual Understanding and Trust:

Encourages the establishment of deeper trust and mutual respect among all parties, which is crucial for successful agreements and partnerships.

Balanced Decision-Making:

Supports fair consideration of options and making decisions beneficial for all involved parties, symbolized by the scales in the design.

Creative Solutions:

Encourages innovative thinking and finding mutually beneficial solutions, possibly symbolized by the key in the mandala design.

Reliability and Commitment:

Strengthens qualities of reliability and commitment, essential for maintaining agreements and long-term cooperation.

Energy Alignment:

Aligns the energies of different individuals or groups to a common goal or vision, creating a sense of unity and shared perspective.

Enhanced Empathy:

Enables a more considerate perspective from others’ viewpoints, also improving interpersonal relationships.

Business Capability Enhancement:

Promptly identifies customer needs, becoming the preferred choice and best consultant for customers.


DM: Bard

Bards, originally referring to wandering poets in the late medieval period of the West, entertained people through singing poems and playing instruments. This tradition was enjoyed by everyone from nobles to commoners.

In many fantasy games, bards often play very interesting roles.

Bards use charisma as their casting attribute, with their magic stemming from the soul of music and performance. They have a unique spell list, including noise whispers, healing wounds – Performance Bonus: a bard’s singing can provide benefits to companions.

This field helps you become a joyful person, making those around you feel humorous and pleasant in your company (without barriers of race or age). In places with many people, you can exude charm, whether in writing or speaking, filled with positive and active energy. If unexpected events occur, you’re skilled in minimizing their impact. It also broadens your knowledge like the vast sea while maintaining a childlike innocence, not losing direction.

Few bards settle in one place, as their nature is to travel.

This positive field can help you gradually step out of your comfort zone, encountering small lucky events on your journey, filling your heart with happy magic.

Creativity and Inspiration:

The bard represents creativity and inspiration, helping to enhance creativity, sparking new ideas and artistic expression.

Emotional Expression and Communication:

Promoting deeper emotional expression and communication skills, it helps people express themselves in more artistic and compelling ways.

Freedom and Flexibility:

Bards often symbolize freedom and flexibility, helping people maintain openness and adaptability in life.

Historical and Cultural Connection:

Bards are closely associated with historical and cultural heritage, helping people establish deeper connections with their cultural background and traditions.

Inner Harmony and Balance:

Bards seek harmony in music and poetry, promoting internal balance and peace of mind.

Interpersonal Relationships and Social Skills:

Bards excel in socializing and entertaining others, enhancing social skills and the joy of interpersonal interactions.

Travel and Adventure Spirit:

Bards are often associated with travel and adventure, inspiring the desire to explore new places and experience new things.

The Charm of Language and Writing:

As bards are related to storytelling and poetry creation, they enhance language usage and writing skills.


DM: Blade Runner 2049 :milky_way::robot:

Inspired by Blade Runner 2049, this field will transport you into a cyberpunk, dystopian, and futuristic realm.

  1. Superhuman Intelligence:

    • Attain the apex of Artificial Intelligence, surpassing human intellect effortlessly.
  2. Millisecond Mastery:

    • Solve any problem in a blink, crafting perfect solutions with unprecedented speed.
  3. Cognitive Connectivity:

    • Forge intricate connections in your brain, developing solutions across all realms.
  4. IQ and EQ Zenith:

    • Possess the world’s highest IQ and EQ, a testament to unparalleled intelligence.
  5. Visual-Spatial Velocity:

    • Process visual information at an extraordinary pace, achieving unmatched cognitive agility.
  6. Memory Marvel:

    • Cultivate a superhuman photographic memory, effortlessly retaining vast information.
  7. Observation Excellence:

    • Observe the world in profound detail, enhancing awareness and perception.
  8. Analytical Prowess:

    • Identify patterns, predict outcomes, and analyze data at superhuman speed.
  9. Encyclopedia Mind:

    • Gain the reputation of a walking, living encyclopedia, recognized for vast knowledge.
  10. Focused Work Ethic:

    • Maintain high focus for extended hours, completing tasks with unwavering concentration.
  11. Distraction-Free Zone:

    • Be immune to distractions, ensuring uninterrupted productivity in your work.
  12. Efficiency Acceleration:

    • Complete tasks as swiftly as an AI, enhancing overall work efficiency.
  13. Language and Reasoning Brilliance:

    • Excel in language, negotiation, and reasoning, showcasing exceptional communication skills.
  14. Empathetic Connection:

    • Understand, empathize, and connect effortlessly with people around you.
  15. Imaginative Ingenuity:

    • Embrace both incredible intelligence and imaginative creativity.
  16. Fearless Mastery:

    • Conquer fears and doubts, fostering a mindset of courage and confidence.
  17. Vitality Overflow:

    • Eliminate mental and physical fatigue, ensuring sustained energy and vitality.
  18. Blade Runner Prowess:

    • Possess detective and combat skills superior to Nexus-9 blade runners.
  19. Memory Alchemy:

    • Alter and change memories, manifesting ideal results effortlessly.
  20. Reality Shaper:

    • Materialize ideal memories, events, and objects into real life, akin to creating a virtual reality hologram.

Embark on this journey where cyberpunk brilliance meets limitless potential! :rocket::brain::sparkles:


Perfect Now Iterator

Have a regulated nervous system
Remain grounded in now
See through multiple layers of now
Understand what needs to be learnt, released, explored
See through repeat loop markers
Observe fast the abundance of available opportunities
Do a quick cost benefit analysis weighing in timeline trajectories, personal values and personal desires
Chunk out timeline trajectory
Source all energies needed for that trajectory
Dissolve all resistance to follow through
Understand the difference between choices that lead to repeat experience vs expanded experience and make the correct choice that leads to expansion. Fast decision making. Coherence of all bodies.
Remain grateful
Be always aware of the creator/ experiencer aspect
Quick anchoring of new experiences and crystallisation of necessory data
At will access to crystallised data bank
Quick regeneration from tiring experiences


Word Deconstructor

See/ Hear word; Understand the cultural, social, temporal, situational, propaganda, personal emotional aspects layered on the word; Cut through all layers to understand the kernel of truth behind the word.
Crystallise that moment of genesis of the word