DM: Blueprint of Soul

This field has been created to download information and energy from your soul, which will give you all the necessary knowledge, skills, direction, qualities, and virtues to fulfill your current life mission in the best possible way. Access to the blueprint of your soul for this life will be given to you. This field may bring about substantial changes in your life, both internal and external. It is possible to experience changes in your environment, friends, partner, work, etc, and to change the general direction of your life.


I have tested OpenSea to see how it’s working with 3 products that are now released in the stores. I don’t like how is working and won’t upload anymore there and work with this website, but if anyone wants to play with these things can check it out here:
All of them have protection which allows only the person who has bought them to work for him and his family members.


Is possible to change life mission, like align the soul with a new mission via freewill?

I don’t believe in this soul mission story, we can come with a purpose to this world, but this is easily lost over several reincarnations, it just doesn’t make sense to pursue something like this anymore, the best life mission anyone can have is to never come back to this world.

I don’t understand this. If the other incarnations didn’t finish the mission why is lost?

I don’t remember my past lives and never did hypnosis or similar to check them/prove I have past lives, that mean I should not believe in past lives? I just don’t know, I don’t believe or believe, but trying to figure out, hope one day I can get a clue if it is real by my own direct experience :laughing:

just asking because I just don’t know or have any experience with it, so for now on my side, all are theories and curiosities to see if have any sense, which always will be subjective depending on the beliefs and experiences of each person…

I ask that because if the soul mission is for example “overcome all fears in human life” and is not bad, but maybe if i would like for example to go to the space/win the lottery/or whatever, so if my soul mission is this new one would easier to manifest it as have a soul alignment to it?

I like see people opinions about everything, that helps sometimes open my mind, I think is for that a forum… to share and learn together if possible, i don’t need or desire to have the ultimate truth but i like to be open to possibilities


In my view, well, first of all, even if there really is a soul mission, it’s not up to all the people present in this world, this issue is much broader, you can be pulled into the reincarnation wheel simply by dying somewhere. place close to earth, in that case, what is the purpose of having some mission? There is no mission because it was a death by chance and an entry on this planet also by chance, souls can be sent here because they are prisoners of war, rivals, and so on. So the minority of people will have some grandiose soul purpose indeed, reincarnation is more automatic than anything and little planning is done on the part of the soul before reincarnation, most major events in a person’s life are caused by imprints , marks left on the soul by traumatic events in other reincarnations, and all this tends to repeat itself. I’m not saying contracts don’t exist, they do, I’m just a little dubious about soul purposes.

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Have people like M. P. Hall who say the soul comes here to learn, saying this is a hard or hardest school in the universe for the soul evolution… so IDK some people I guess prefer to see the thing as a victim and others as the other side.

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Yes, many say that, but I would say it’s more of a prison than a school.

hehe sure for many, schools can be like prisons :laughing:

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How long does it take to download? Do we need to say anything? And once started, do you need to keep it opened?

Do we need to do anything for this to happen?

No need to do anything, just carry it with you.
How long? Don’t know, because everyone is different.

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Any reviews?

So with this field, we becoming our absolute best version of ourselves. If I understand correctly

I feel more calm and wiser.

It will give you the resources for this.

If you have plant seeds in your hand you should put them in the ground, water them, and protect them until these seeds become big adult plants that can be independent. The same is with people. Even if you are Nikola Tesla or some other genius - you should put your seeds in the ground to fulfill them. This means basically sharing the “apple tree” which will give you fruits with your family, or on the market with other people. This mandala is made to give you the knowledge and qualities that you need to grow this tree… and after that is all up to you.


Hey everyone, I’m using this field passively for almost 2 months now. I don’t have a glimpse what I’m here for and I’m not able to get the benefits from this field in my day to day consciousness. I really want to know everything that is stated in the description. At most the directionpart. The rest i think i can learn on myself if needed, but i don’t have any real satisfaction for a direction… It’s a grey day most of the time… Is anyone having tips to get my life direction fast or can i someway support this field? Is it possible that i lost the connection to my soul? Thank you


Try to meditate with this mandala. Set intention:
What is my soul’s purpose?
Tune in to your own inner wisdom.
If you feel disconnected, that can be a signal for you to restore your soul’s pieces, clear the cords, and vows.

You can dedicate a week or two: