DM: Body Scan

The body scan is one of the most effective ways to begin a mindfulness meditation practice. The purpose is to tune in to your body —to reconnect to your physical self—and notice any sensations you’re feeling without judgement. While many people find the body scan relaxing, relaxation is not the primary goal . Developing greater awareness of bodily sensations can help you feel more connected to your physical self and gain greater insight into potential causes of unwanted feelings. This knowledge can make it easier to address what’s wrong, leading to improved wellness in body and mind. Experts have found evidence to suggest meditation can promote physical and emotional wellness in multiple ways, such as:

· improved sleep

· anxiety and stress relief

· greater self-awareness

· increased self-compassion

· reduced pain

· reduced cravings

· and many more


Hi, I have bought this but I’m a little unsure how to use it, do I use it while doing a bodyscan meditation to enhance it and/or can I use it passively by having it on me througout the day? and will the end result be that I get a better mind/body connection?
Thank you :slight_smile:

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all fields work better and faster if you are aware of them and meditate,
but this is not necessary. They work without your focus too.