Body Scanner and Advanced Healing

Body Scanner and Advanced Healing / Energetically Programmed Audio

This audio is programmed to make full body scan and recharge all organs and cells that lack of energy. All diseases start with this – lack of energy in some body part.

Audio is programmed to recharge all organs with their own frequency and the cells with neutral energy and unconditional love.

It’s not necessary to be ill so you can use it. Any time you need some extra energy, before workout or something else – you can listen to this audio.


this underrated field looks more cool now :relaxed: :+1:


Thanks Maitreya for this audio :slightly_smiling_face::pray::heart::sunny:

i will test it on a metallic object with the storage field creator :grin:


:heart: :heart: :heart:


Perfect audio Maitreya :facepunch:
I agree cells with low vibrations/energy are the cause of diseases.

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Thank you so much for the updated version…

BTW old version posted in patreon will still work?

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Will this help with toothache?

Mai, please make a mandala for this field with additional command: 'infuse me with pranic energy (pranic healing field) + compress qi into lower dan tian for, say, 10 mintues. And with an command option to stop before 10 minutes just in case we feel enough before 10 minutes. Thank you.

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@Maitreya I don’t understand, why are so many fields being redone now? Did something change with how these fields are created compared to the old ones? Did you learn new techniques or something?

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Deeper level reached :slight_smile:
Now fields will integrate faster and smoother.


Could you make a v2 for the Greek god beauty and hair loss treatment plz? Also can these be played simultaneously?


With these updates what happens to the gumroad versions? I purchased the gumroad version of this. @Maitreya

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Same. I’m curious if it’s outdated now.

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Gumroad audios will be updated soon stay tuned. :wink:


Very cool :raised_hands: :muscle: :heart_eyes:

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A request to update patreon audios or may be new upload of version 2 and for all the audios which are remade…
Thanks you!

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@Maitreya Hello there! is this just providing energy to the cells or is this also healing the issues/ diseases/viruses?

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@Maitreya will the shorter gumroad version of this be updated as well?