Ancestral Line Clearing Pendant

This field has been designed to clear your ancestral line, 108 generations back from agreements with various entities, made knowingly or unknowingly, stop psychic attacks coming from them, and release and force away daemons and entities, who continue to suck energy from your family line or take away things that do not belong to them.

All slavery, vows, and oats given to such beings are canceled, revoked and removed and thus all spells and curses coming from them are stopped and repelled. Agreements to owe children from the family to entities and daemons are revoked and canceled. All influence that has been coming from those entities in the family line is removed and all conscious and subconscious beliefs that your ancestors had, leading to them turning to the entities and making the agreements with them is uncovered and cleared. The same subconscious beliefs that allow entities to affect you are cleared from you also.