Trinity Activation

This field is created to make heal and make synchronicity in the energies inside yourself. First, it will clear all the inner child traumas and dissolve the emotions from the past (you will remember it, but it won’t affect you anymore in such a way).

Then it will fusion the divine masculine and divine feminine inside yourself. It will boost this part of yourself which is more lethargic, so they can become in perfect balance.

When all the three energies are healed and working together you can start to live better and with more power and confidence in your life. Duality is broken and you are free.

The field will make perfect balance coherence between spirit, emotions, thoughts, and your sacred body. After one-two weeks of listening you will start to feel strange, but very nice inner power in yourself that you never felt before.

The feeling is that you have the whole power and you can conquer anything you want. All this with the deepest and sweetest calmness you ever felt.


Figured I’d add more to my YouTube comment to explain

  1. I had just finished playing 11th power and couldn’t decide what to apply it to

  2. just yesterday old, probably my oldest and worst traumas from my childhood involving my dad (dad, abomination
    … interchangeable terms in this case) and shitty childhood

  3. #2 mixing with current and recent traumas and awfulness making my world absolutely awful


Thank you again <3


Nobody has any references?

i start using it today, i feel very trippy, similair to a LSD trip. Its almost too much! a lot of evergy releasing


I know that I haven’t totally used the audio consistently but I totally feel like it’s helped undo my issues regarding my childhood a whole lot when I have utilized it, it’s really awesome and the DM is totally a buy some time


Understanding that I still need a lot of healing and inner work to do, I just realized how important this one actually is!

:warning::warning::warning: Healing deep seated and old traumas is absolute key to get rid of all the negative beliefs and behavioral patterns that the subconscious mind has put into place to protect one from the pain of those traumas.
Once the traumas are healed, those self-sabotating beliefs and behavioral patterns can be let go and removed much much easier. :warning::warning::warning:


…Something I wrote on the Sapien Forum – however this perfectly fits in here because this “Trinity Activation” field here is a BIG PART of the solution!

This will be long but important for both genders, so take a cup of green tea and read on…

I am a man.

This is a very important topic and one of the main reasons the world is f’ed up in the way it is.

The world is f’ed up because most men are in competition with each other for female love
– based on a collective cognitive dissonance

  • that female love is scarce,
  • that female love equals purpose and survival and
  • that female love is dangerous at the same time because it binds the man and makes him unfree.

From my experience, most men on the planet never grew out of the needy teenager boy role that desperately seeks the love and attention of their mothers and later in life also from other women (who are simply mother roles projected onto other females).

This is because when a male baby is born, its whole survival is dependent on the love of his mother.

The subconscious mind learns immediately that mother love equals survival and protection. And that an absence of mother love equals abandonment, starvation and death.

So for the subsconscious mind anything becomes “okay” as long as the mother love ensured.

Because of this experience men start deep down to believe that female love equals survival and purpose.

Female love becomes something that the man needs at all costs [survival] and hates [because it comes with the condition of bonding and become unfree] at the same time.

Because of this contradiction, unless solved, a boy never grows into a sovereign man and remains in this cognitive dissonance. As are most men today.

Most young male babies exeperience the mother love as conditional.
He learns that he needs to please the mother to ensure that love is supplied.
At the same time the boy is not allowed to grow into a man and become “more male” than the father because if the father becomes angry, he can pull the mother away which will result in a loss of mother love - the worst case scenario for the subconscious mind.

The boy also becomes anxcious of intimately bonding with other females because he subconsciously fears that it could make the mother jealous and then again, the mother could terminate her love.

The young boy also observes that their fathers (who are mostly man children themselves) are not behaving like real men themselves and learns that it is “not okay be stronger” than even this version of masculinity.

Also at the same time, when the young boys also observe their fathers, they realize that their fathers have become unfree when they have bonded with and bound themselves to a women.

This creates a very strong cognitive dissociation in most boys, where on the hand they desparately want to be loved and admired be the female energy but on the other hand at are afraid to commit to the female energy because of fear of loss of freedom.

Because of this conflicting association with the female energy most men remain boys – desperately hunting after sex and simping for love, but at the same time failing to commit to a relationship and express their strong masculine energy as it should be.

When men desperately seek female energy (survival) but at the same time are afraid of it (loss of freedom due to binding), they become part of all these philosophies and movements like Red Pill, MGTOW, PUAs, porn committed cope junkies, beta simps, wage cucks, angry incels, black pillers and other victim roles or simply remain in an oblivious Blue Pill state, unaware of what is even going on.

All of these philosophies and movements are the male counterpart of the “angry feminists” where all problems are projected onto the opposite gender, making the problem even worse because it becomes impossible to integrate the energy of the opposite gender into oneself.

How can an angry boy accept the female energy inside himself when he blames all his problems onto the female gender?
How can an angry feminist accept the male energy inside herself when she blames all her problems onto the male gender?

Additionally, in our society men are being brainwashed that being masculine is something bad and toxic.
This creates ANOTHER cognitive dissonance that being a “grown up strong male” is bad and by doing so will result in “a loss of the female approval and motherly love”.


The solution from my experience is for men to ACCEPT, WELCOME, CONNECT WITH and INTEGRATE the Holy Divine Female Energy.

This is the holy female Yin energy that is coming from the source in a UNCONDITIONAL way and that provides all the mother love and sexual acceptance that a boy desired and needs TO ALLOW HIMSELF to grow into a man with his own inherent divine male energy.

When men accept their own female energies inside them AND connect themselves to that Holy Divine Female Energy, their heart chakra that was previously desparately seeking for motherly love, becomes healed.

Those cognitive dissonances that we spoke above are then also dissolved healed, because:

  • When the source provides an INFINITE supply of mother love, then all the fears of losing this love, can be let go
  • When the source provides this love in an UNCONDITIONAL way, then all fears and limiting assumptions of sexual expression and bonding with different women, can also be let go
  • By connecting with an INFINITE supply of UNCONDITIONAL female love, the man BECOMES FREE TO ACCEPT AND LOVE HIS OWN DIVINE MASCULINA ENERGY, and by this grow into an adult man. An adult man that is independent of the love of his mother or the love of any other women, but that is at the same time FREE to express himself sexually with ANY women and BOND with ANY women.

This Holy Divine Female Energy provides an INFINITE UNCONDITIONAL Supply of Motherly Love, Sisterly Love, Wifely Love and Sexual Love (basically all the types of female love).

This Holy Divine Female Energy ACCEPTS the man and his masculine energy and expression unconditionally, the therefore the man no longer needs to seeks love and validation from human females. Which also makes him much less needy and thus more attractive to women.

And because the man feels that the Holy Divine Female Energy accepts his masculine energy UNCONDITIONALLY, the boy is then FREED to emprace his own inherit Holy Divine Male Energy and by this become a grown up independent man.

The Holy Divine Female Energy is the universal nurturing ground that encourages the Masculine Energy to express itself.


Boys/Men need to welcome and integrate the Holy Divine Female Energy FIRST.

On this infinite nurturing ground, THEN their Holy Divine Male Energy can grow the man into a sovereign adult.

  • For boys to become healthy strong sovereign adult Men who work together instead against themselves and each other, they need to connect with and integrate the Holy Divine Female Energy.

  • For angry feminists to become healthy strong sovereign adult Women, they need to connect with and integrate the Holy Divine Male Energy.

Men need to embrace the goddess from the source.
And Women need to embrace the god from the source.
Then divine relationships and male/female expressions become possible and the world can be healed.



@Maitreya okay to listen with Heal Inner Child video?

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I really learned from your post, and I added Trinity Activation to my playlist because of it. Thank you.

There are some things you may or may not be aware of, or may or may not be taking into account, so I will describe them.

The central bankers / shadow government deliberately financed toxic misandric false feminism to divide men and women. They finance any movement, technology, or ideology that divides, sickens, makes dysfunctional, or weakens, humanity. They also promote anti-male / anti-positive masculinity and misandry (hatred towards men), and propaganda lifting up women and lowering men. They use music and the media to mentally condition women to believe that a man should pay for all dates and provide everything for a woman in marriage / relationship, and women only need to give sex or nothing at all, and that this is love (it isn’t). There is also heavy conditioning and encouragement to women to take everything they can from the man in divorce, from the media, and from their divorce lawyer, who benefits financially from doing this. By making all positive expressions of masculinity “toxic”, the shadow government weakens and emasculates men. There is evidence to suggest feminizing substances are present in plastics, and foods / food additives like soy, and I think that is deliberately done. It looks like the shadow government are attempting to reverse the sexes, and make men feminine and women masculine.

They also were behind the change in divorce laws to where a woman financially and materially benefits from divorce from the man, and where the man can lose his house / apartment / condo, most of his money / assets / possessions and even the ability to see his children. This is the point that MGTOW / Red Pill gets correct, and why it is not in his best interests for a man to marry with the current laws in place. Even if the man doesn’t marry, in various states / provinces, living / co-habitating with a woman for a certain period of time makes the relationship equal to a marriage in the eyes of the legal system and divorce law mentioned above.

So to truly heal the rift between men and women, alimony needs to be abolished from law, and women should no longer be able to gain any money / property / resources owned by the man, in divorce or breakup. As long as the man is not a danger to his children, he should get full access to continue to spend time with and raise his children, after divorce. Agreements can be made between partners to financially support the upbringing of the children.

Here are some more ideas to heal the rift between men and women:

Pornography as it exists now just creates sexual damage, masturbation addiction and sexual dysfunction, and a distorted view of sex that separates sex from love and can create misogyny in men (men abusing women in hardcore videos). The shadow government designed it this way to make men and women sexually dysfunctional, addicted, and damaged. If they remove all of the abuse from sex movies, and have loving couples, or performers that fully connect with each other on all levels when they are having sex, and stop having the goal as the money shot to end the scenes, it would transform this industry. I think they already have this, but I don’t know if it sells. It should be something that is funded. People would get positive instead of negative sex programming.

Johnathan White’s sex education courses should be standard learning for all men (how to have sex for hours, have full-body non-ejaculatory orgasms, how to warm up the woman sexually, connecting sexually on all levels of being and reaching higher states of consciousness together). Marcus London’s Squirting School also sounds like sexual education all men should receive. The free ebook Sexual Soulmates - The Six Essentials For Connected Sex by Susan Bratton is really great for men and women to read and apply. Teaching all men and women how to have great, connected sex will help remove the rift between men and women.

Ending the pro-women and anti-men messaging in the media needs to end, and loving messages about women and men need to replace them, to heal the rift between men and women.

Educating women how feminism is a false and toxic ideology, and having women give up this ideology, and return to love, can heal the rift between men and women. Women may be unwilling to listen to this message, so it needs to be a powerfully emotional message so they connect to it. The issue with this is that the shadow government, through their controlled news media, will attack and attempt to destroy the reputation and livelihood of anyone who attempts to bring foward this message, or any other message that contradicts their false narratives.

Teaching women how to express themselves honestly and authentically in all situations, can help heal the rift between men and women. Women may be afraid to tell the truth, or express how they feel, because of social conditioning, or fear of consequences if they do express themselves honestly.

Women being able to deliberately and dishonestly destroy a man’s livelihood and reputation over false sexual assault / abuse allegations needs to stop. Women making any kind of false allegations against men needs to bring them immediate severe legal and economic consequences, to teach women who think that it is acceptable to do this, that it is actually totally unacceptable to do this, and carries heavy consequences like being fired from their job and having to pay an immense amount of money in fines that might bankrupt them.


I come across to this audio in accident (or maybe planned from my soul? As i was wearing “restore source connection DM” on my neck in the morning meditation) because i was meant to find “new earth activation”.

After i typed activation, this Trinity Activation comes up. I have no idea what is trinity, but well, I decide to give this a shot.

And man, this track is doing something as my back is vibrating, but i don’t know what is going on. After i looped about 3 or 4 times, I decided to go to youtube to find what is this track about. OH! It’s about healing inner child, balancing muscular and feminine energy.

One thing i ‘realize’ after the looping is that there is actually something at my right chest that wants my attention. Physical heart is at the left chest. The heart chakra is at the middle of the chest. I haven’t heard any information about the right chest. My realization is that my right chest has many blockage ( i had asthma and heavily drugged since age 6 due to asthma steroid until age 12). Something tells me to keep more focus at the right chest when i was not meditating (like walking, cooking, doing graphic design). And it helps me to aware of my random thoughts or intrusive thoughts more!!! So I can stop my ego making more stories on top of those thoughts!!!

After some researches, right chest is where the spiritual heart is:

According to Ramana Maharshi, the great Advaita master, “The godly atom of the Self is to be found in the right chamber of the heart, about one finger-width from the body’s midline. “Here lies the Heart, the dynamic Spiritual Heart. It is called hridaya, is located on the right side of the chest, and is clearly visible to the inner eye of an adept on the Spiritual Path. Through meditation, you can learn to find the Self in the cave of this Heart.”

I find this is an encouraging news to share. It is a bit long, but i wan to share this so that you may find the importance of this field.