Digital Mandala Manager V2

Does the field optimizer works also with afifrmations file, subliminals and other creators fields?

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Field Optimizer will work with everything as long as you have the Emitter + MMV2


But affirmations works with the digital mandala manager?
I understood Genius confirmed that in a reply to me.
I felt working, maybe placebo.

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MMV2 is designed for mandalas or energetically programmed pictures. Not sure if this would work with .txt file. If it’s work for you, that’s great. You have your own skills and power, fields might recognize this as your intention or written instructions.
Btw placebo effect is actually activating self-healing skills.


It would awesome if works, field emmited is very good but only bad thing is the 30cm range.

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It’s 15cm. But when you add the Emitter to MMV2 then you don’t need to worry about the distance. MMV2 is the main connector, you can add everything you want to the folder with MM and the Emitter, and you don’t need to print or carry anything with you.


Anyone here in the forum, that have tried combining SapienMedicine NFT’s , alongside Maitreya Mandalas with the MM2?

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I too would like to know about sapiens NFTs working with Maitreya mandala manager. I really got interested in The Eternal NFT of his

I have actually put few briain fields from Sapien Medicine. Unfortunately I have not seen any distinct result so far using MMv2+Field Emitter + Sapien’s Mandalas, mp3s. It has been 45 days. My schedule is 9am to 9pm everyday for all that is within the folder (stayed in Gdrive)

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It works good with Sapien fields.


We don’t have any blockages in MMV2 against other creators.

Do you use any boosters? Depending on goal, for some people 45 days might not be enough due to their blockages in sub mind. Fields send information/program but when your body/mind not willing to follow this and change, then you might need some clearing. Physical changes might take longer than mental.

I would always recommend clearing. Your mind is like a house. You have all rooms full of furniture (beliefs, programs) and you are buying more stuff in (fields, affirmations, subliminals). You should consider de-cluttering of old stuff, otherwise your house is so full, that you can find anything.

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That’s really good news
I had to use PI USB Talisman for affirmations but it’s better if I can use just a resource.

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Well I just tried a couple fields and I felt working, one with some stem cells.
But I don’t use much, can’t confirm 100% the effectivity.
I have tried PI and felt working too.


Hello, I also have PI TALISMAN and I want to add it to a folder on my smartphone with The Field Emitter and Mandalas Manager V2.

Works? It’s a good idea?.

My idea is to run PI TALISMAN remotely without having a USB stick.


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If you have the field emitter you don’t need PI USB Talisman.
But you could try put it with Mandala Manager and The Field Emitter.
I thought about that too, maybe something interesting happens.

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Hello everyone,

some questions about the Mandala Manager.

1. What experiences have you gained so far?
a) Interaction
What is the best way to interact with the Mandala Manager to activate folder contents? Are there any concrete experiences or tips here?
For example, pure intention (decision that it is so), mental verbalization, imagining a Mandala Manager or imagining the effect, individually, etc…

b) Operational plan
The description mentions that a concrete “deployment plan” can also be created for the Mandala Manager: “Schedule when you want specific mandalas to have an effect on you and when to cease their activity. (For example, you can tell it to emit a sleep improvement mandala at night and stop it in the morning, etc)”.

What is the best way to do this? Create a plan in writing and then verbally tell the mandala manager what to do, like in a “team meeting”? Is it enough once or does it have to be renewed regularly?

2. Intelligence
How “intelligent” is the Mandala Manager? Similar to the intelligence of an average servitor? How complex (degree of difficulty) can my instructions and requirements be (e.g. the deployment plan)? Where are the limits?

Besides for certain activities; I currently assume that I also can create a fixed time schedule and have the Mandala Manager implement this schedule accordingly.

3. All types of energies
To what extent can the Mandala Manager also “forward” other products energetically? In other words, is the Mandala Manager also able to link morphic fields, scalar waves, etc… and if so, how strong is their effect? So how big is the difference in the effect, especially with third-party providers, compared to whether I play the audio or use the Mandala Manager.
Subliminals probably don’t work, do they?

4. Version 2.0
I did not buy the Mandala Manager via Gumroad, but via the store (2021). I’m not sure if this link has been updated. When I click on the old download link it does not appear to be updated. It still shows an old date. But I understood correctly that it is completely irrelevant how and in what way I purchased the Mandala Manager: As long as I have the Digital Mandala, it can only be the new version 2.0? An old version no longer exists? I would appreciate a short confirmation so that I can close this topic and know now for sure the MM is working.

Thank you & best regards! :shamrock: :rocket:


You can read in the thread a lot about it.

Say the command to the Manager. Don’t complicate it very much. “Activate this mandala … at 7pm and deactivate at 8am”

It’s not a servitor. We don’t have servitors in any of our fields. Again, I would keep it simple. Just like you pass instructions to your assistant. You don’t talk about the weather when you give instructions; you just tell them what you want to get done and deadlines.

I highly recommend reading our FAQ and Manuals. It’s all there. It won’t work on other products than mandalas; yes, it will work on other creators’ mandalas, too. You need the Field Emitter for any other stuff.

It was updated energetically. You can have the old mandala, but the image has been upgraded, so no need to redownload . You can use the old one.

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So would this also work, on a pc, phone and usb?
Add & Open Emitter - Activate
Add Optimizer
Add Broadcaster
Add manadalas, audios, other energy work you like
Optimizer is taking charge.

Or do I need MMv2?

I know that if you mantain the phone or usb at 15 cm from you isn’t a problem :MMv2 is for transmittng the mandalas(and with emitter even other files)without the need of having usb or phone with you

OMG, this is LIFE Changing… I didn’t have Manager and was just using optimizer & Broadcaster. After reading all of this, I got Manager. INCREDIBLE, just incredible. I can now connect to all the DM’s I want and within a few hrs I am noticing the difference. I can see all the connections from the Manager to me and to other family members(I am letting Optimizer manage most of it for them).
This is game changing… NO other way to explain it. The ability to “Turn on or off specific mandalas.” is just incredible. It’s been about 24hrs now and this is such an amazing way to manage the DM’s. As well as in combination with optimizer, Emitter and all the boosters. I look forward to all the changes in the next days, weeks and months, as I acquire more DM’s audios.