All Audios from the store are now Digital Mandalas

Hello, everyone!

Starting today, our store will only offer digital mandalas.

The old fields, which were previously programmed into audio files, have now been transferred to their new carriers - digital mandalas.

For those of you who already own the audio files, you are welcome to continue using them if you prefer. However, you also have the option to download the files you have purchased as digital mandalas.

To download the new mandalas from Gumroad, simply login to your account and proceed to download them from there.

Regrettably, the platform we use for our website does not support a “Profile” feature. To download the new files, you will need to locate the email you received upon completion of your order.

When you click on the standard button, which you usually use to download or return to files, it will redirect you to the page on our website from where you can download them.

Lastly - these past few days, I was programming all the new mandalas and I have been working tirelessly to achieve this. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to adjust the descriptions, so they still state “audio files”.

This will be corrected within the next few days.
Thank you for your understanding and continuous support!

You can find a list of changed audio > mandala below:

30 Days Fields Storage Creator

And every other audio you own…

Sending you blessings! :slight_smile:




Thanks for your hard work!


Thank you for your support! :pray: :raised_hands: :sunny:


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Thank you so much Maitreya! :heart:

  1. May I know of reality note also have digital mandala please?
  2. Do I need to good through the paypal page and click pay again so to return to the file download page?

Thanks so much for your hardwork.

Yes, now it contains a digital mandala that replaced the audio. It’s meant to boost your manifestation process.

I am not sure if you access them through PayPal. After you finish a purchase you receive an email with the download link in it. You can use the search bar in your email platform to find it via the name of the field.

Wow, this is amazing! Thank you so much! :astonished:


This is great, Thank You Maitreya! I don’t have the emails from the Store anymore, is there any other way to access the DMs for the audios purchased from there?

Only through the gumroad library, for the maitreya store the email is needed

Hello guys. I have little question. How often should we use the new mandalas? I mean I use audio 2-3 times a day and now it’s being transferred to mandalas. Should I also wear mandalas 2-3 times a day for 10 minutes? I’ve always been confused about whether I’m overloading my energy system.

No you use it all the time



I like to listen the audios overnight :relieved:. Are new audios no longer posted on youtube and Patreon either?

Hi, @Maitreya ! There are two audios I bought on Gumroad that were not transformed to mandala: “Bulk agent of the Golden Era” and “Youthful skin without skin change”. Will you also make the JPG available for these?

Audios will be posted on YT and Patreon. The boosted versions in the website will be only digital mandalas.

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Oh, I guess missed those. Thanks for letting me know.
Tomorrow they will be available as DM’s.


Thank you.

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Some more audios without DM:

  • ‘cutting negative cords’
  • ‘sexual energy clearing’
  • ‘black opal gemstone’
  • ‘seven chakras healing(ver.02)’,
  • ‘attract women instantly’
  • ‘connect with spiritual guardians’
  • ‘fifth dimension connection’

Are these going to be made in a DM format?

Already got to try the other fields in a DM format, incredibly handy when out and about in public! Once again, thank you so much!

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This is great news!

Really, really like mandalas. So convenient. :smile::+1:t2:

Female face golden ratio?
(You’re too productive, haha!:wink:)

Thank you!