Digital Mandala Manager V2

Thank you, fantastic explanation🙏
Would be interesting to hear others experience :ok_hand:
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I personally keep a log of what fields I use each day and highlight the ones that are currently turned on by the mandala manager, that way I can check at a glance how much my load is and if it needs to be adjusted. If I realise I forgot to add things into my note or forgot/am unsure of what’s on my list and am away from it, I just tell the mandala manager to turn off everything then I turn on what I want again.

To interact with the mandala manager itself, I just talk to it and give it mental commands. It’s simple.


Let’s say you want to meditate with Cords Cutting v2. I would focus on this mandala by opening it on my phone and looking at it. You can do it in your mind, but this way worked best for me, especially when I was too distracted that day. Looking at the image helps me centre my attention. I look at every detail and feel the energy. Once I feel in synch, I give instructions, for example, “Clear the cord between me and my friend”.


@Maitreya @Polaris

A SERVITOR (photo) works in Mandalas Manager V2 o The Field Emitter?

Can I add a photo of a SERVITOR?

Mandalas Manager v2 create an energy cord with my servitor?

Could Mandalas Manager V2 o The Field Emitter help me communicate with my servitor and give him tasks?

Thank you.

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Mandala Manager V2 is made for mandalas. The Field Emitter will work with any energy work by sending frequency equivalents. We can’t say it will work for servitors, as this is not something we do.

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If the image, if the photo on the servitor has energy. It could work?.

Send that energy to me through the energy cord?


I would like to ask: After you have a mandala manager and have established an energy line with yourself, every time you open the mandala in the folder (for example, if you want to use wealth), you need to say: Open the mandala manager - Mandala manager opens wealth-wealth activation (is this the correct way to open it?) Or can you provide a mandala template manager to open wealth templates?

You need to experiment with this and see how it works for you.

You can say ‘Open Wealth Activation,’ and the Manager will do it. You don’t need to open this on your laptop. You can do it in your mind.


Would a good base for mandala manager be field optimizer, integrate with higher self, connect to higher self a couple of shields and boosters?
And then fill in with the mandalas of choice?
If so, how many main mandalas would be recommended 2-3?
Sorry for all the questions, I think you’re doing a fantastic job🙏

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This is a very solid base. The more you are connected with your HS, the better.
I don’t know how strong your energy field is so I would say less is better and it is always good to start with 2-3 and one or two goals.

Thank you :blush:


I wanted to know since i have been using 20 printed stacks of Mandalas with the Mandala Manager v2 for a couple of months . Well my question is since i no longer need to use all 20 printed stacks and want to cut down to 10 printed stacks of Mandalas And would i need to to tell the Mandala Manager V2 to Deactivate the ones i don’t use ? Or would taking out the ones i don’t need be enough ?

If this is printed then you need to tell your manager to remove those fields you no longer want. It could be: “The Manager, please remove this field…(say the name.)”. And it’s done. With a digital way of using this, you can simply remove the mandalas from the folder.

You don’t need to keep the stack with MMv2. For example, you have MMv2 printed version, and you’ve added 3 different fields. You can remove those 3 mandalas. Let’s say you would like to add a new field next week, so simply put it on MM and wait for a few seconds so MM will download the field. It happens instantaneously, so in a few moments, you can remove the new mandala, and it’s already integrated with your Manager. You can command to remove the field even when your MM is in a different country and you are on holiday.

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@Polaris @Maitreya

Hello, if I make an ATTRACT WOMEN folder and that folder has Mandalas Manager V2, The Field Emitter, The Field OPTIMIZER and I add for example:

  • Attract Women Instantly.

  • Attraction Magnetic Sexual Bundle.

  • Apollo Perfect Masculine.

  • FlirtRadar.

  • Androstenol.

  • Androstenone.

  • Hunter eyes.

  • Social Mastery.

    It could work? Works?.

Can The Field OPTIMIZER give me the best?


Could my higher self not do anything with that folder?

I want to attract women but I don’t know which fields to use, so I want to add these and let The Field OPTIMIZER help me.

It’s possible?

Thank you.


I strongly believe that your Higher Self, like everyone’s HS wants the best for you. There is nothing wrong with being attractive as long your intentions are good. If you want to be a womanizer and treat women badly, make them love you just to boost your ego, then I think your HS would stop it, as this doesn’t serve your highest good.

The same goes for people having doubts about becoming millionaires. There is nothing wrong with being rich and using your money for the benefit of you and humanity. If you want to be a millionaire to get revenge on someone or feel better than the rest of the people, then your HS will interfere.
Your Higher Self will take action without the Optimizer and create opportunities for you to grow and learn and go back on the right track. That’s why being aligned with your life purpose and being able to hear that wise voice brings peace to your life. You trust that everything is happening for your highest good even if you don’t understand this yet.

Imagine that you are the most compassionate, wise, Divine version of yourself, that can see the future, and knows what is the best. This is your HS. Team up and trust :slight_smile:


Thanks for responding polaris . But i had another question since i have about 20 printed stacks of mandalas and am in the process of trying to decide which mandalas to keep to my new 10 printed stacks of mandalas. Well could i just tell Mandala Manager V2 to Deactive all my mandalas instead of telling MMV2 to remove each individual mandalas by it’s name as it is more time consuming . Therefore i can then restart the process of activation with the 10 printed stacks of mandalas by placing the Mandala Manager V2 on top of the 10 printed stacks and say " Activate ". Do you think this process will work also ?

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Yes, this is a good way to do it, too. Whatever you feel is the most convenient.


I have a unique situation . I am using for example 3 MMv2 with 3 FEmitter in three different folders along with DMs. Folder A, Folder B and Folder C. Lets say in Folder A I have one mandala that I want to use 1 hour at 9am and 1 hour at 9pm. I put other mandalas in between. Should I create another folder for time or I can just command to use the same mandala in two different time of the day? I hope I make it clear.

Yes. It will work when you will command this way. So you don’t need a separate folder. MMv2 is a very interactive field :slight_smile: