Digital Mandala Manager V2

can cords from the mandala manager be cut by entities or others?

No. They can affect your aura by not severing MMv2.

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Hello, I want to use Mandalas Manager (Print Version).

The process is to put mandalas manager on top of the other mandalas, look at it and say ACTIVATE (activate in my language) ok?.

How long does it take to program the mandalas? 5 minutes? 10 minutes?.

After looking at mandalas manager and looking at it, how long does it take to finish programming the mandalas?

Is it the same time if I program 5 mandalas or 20 mandalas?

If I want to ADD or REMOVE mandalas, what is the process?

Remove/Add mandalas, look at mandalas manager and say ACTIVATE?.

In each UPDATE is it necessary to say ACTIVATE to update the mandalas manager?

I’m confused…

Thank you.


It’s instant. You can wait a minute no need to wait longer.


Say command to the Manager. Even printed version doesn’t need to be carried, so you can focus on Manager and think/say name of the field to be removed.

You only say ACTIVATED once. It is the moment when you make connection with the Mandalas Manager. No need to activated over and over again because connection is made.

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I prefer to have the mandalas manager PHYSICALLY with me. Print and carry.

I don’t feel the mandalas when I have it on my smartphone. I want to see if it is better to print.

What is the process of adding/removing mandalas?

To update it:

If I want to add OR REMOVE a mandala. Stack the 3 mandalas and add the new mandala. Stack the 4 mandalas and top mandalas manager.

The mandalas manager looks at it for a minute and ok?

And to remove a mandala is it the same process?

I want mandalas manager printed version.

Thank you.

To add, you put the Manager on top of the mandalas you want to add. To remove, you say command with the field name you want to remove.

It’s instant. It’s like with the digital version.


If I have 3 mandalas programmed in mandalas manager, okay?

I want to add TWO mandalas, do I just have to put the mandalas manager ON TOP THE TWO mandalas I want to add? it’s right?.

And don’t put the mandalas manager on top of the 5 mandalas, right?

And to remove I don’t need to have the mandala printed, just tell Mandalas manager REMOVE X mandalas ok?


Thank you.


You added them before, no need to repeat. Just add the new ones


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To re-activate the trio after moving the entire folder (with audios/mandalas and the trio) to another device, can I simply open and re-activate the trio in the folder, without going through the process of creating a (new) folder, activating the trio, and then copying and pasting the audios/mandalas?

My thought is that I only need to re-active the trio, regardless of whether there are already audios/mandalas in the folder, correct?

You can copy everything to a different destination and reactivate the trio after that. It can be copied together.