Daily playlist

My playlist is this

-Subconscious limits dissolver(Sapien)
-Domino Effect(Maitreya)
-Weight Loss Combo(Sapien)
-Gynecomastia v2((Sapien))
-Stomach shrinking((Sapien))
-Greek God Body(Maitreya)
-Aesthetic Body with testosterone(Maitreya)
-super sayan boosted x2(Maitreya)
-SuperHuman Testosterone(Maitreya)
-Estrogen reducer(Maitreya)
-Cortisol contro(Maitreya)
I listen 3 times a day(Morning,afternoon,evening)
Does is it ok ?I want mantain lean mass and lose fat(of course i train in gym…).They are lot of audio but only with one purpose…Please i ask advice on how listening for best result:i have started since few days so i don’t know if it is ok for me or not and i would like an advice from you…For now i listen entire playlist top to bottom 3 times as stated above…Maybe does it is better to listen 3 in a row each Sapien audio(because are morphic fields) and then energetic audio(Maitreya)stacked 3 times ?Thank you to everybody :slightly_smiling_face: