Weight Loss Recommendations

I am trying to lose weight and keeping a calorie deficit too. I have been looping these audios for several days now but dont see much result. Any help, thanks?



Also greek god body

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How long have you been using energetic audios and or energy tools in general?

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Started subliminals 6 month ago, Maitreya audios from 4 weeks.

How much clearing work have you done? You more than likely have blocks.

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My recommendation to you is to try Quadible Integrity audios for Weight Loss. They work the best for me. I lost a lot of fat pretty quickly when I listen them.

QI actually have 3 videos focused on weightloss, choose one or two that more resonates with you and listen it/them for at lest 20 minutes daily in loop, with headphones (recommended, because they include binaural beats) or speakers:

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Hi @Nexus I listened to Subconscious Limits Removing from Sapien Medicine 1 hour every day for 3 weeks now.

Can you please guide me on the recommended clearing routine - which audios, how many times? I will follow the routine.

If I loop Maitreya Eternal Cleaner during nights, is that good for clearing?

Thank you @luisjpm95 I will start listening from today itself.

Go one time with Basic Clearing Playlist and audios will work better and faster after that.


Was getting to that lol you beat me to it.


Thank you @Maitreya. I am not very smart and don’t understand difficult concepts. But the way you explain I feel happy and less frustrated with my life. You bring hope to people like me dealing with a health problems, bad economy, all kinds of problems.

Thanks @Nexus

Bet we can make you more of what you desire in no time!