Connection of higher self

I bought connection of higher self on gumroad.

I did a 2 hr stack with 114 Chakra, Buddha consciousness X3, higher self x6, grounding.

My question is, how do I know I am meeting my higher self? I don’t see any image or hear any sound. At most I feel some emotion. I am not sure am I missing something.


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Hi Mucc,
your list looks very good to me. That with the higher self is such a thing first of all, the connection is always there, especially since you are part of your higher self. For some it is stronger, for others it is more relaxed. However, the list is supposed to help strengthen the connection, and it will.
However, it is not always that easy to find out whether you are in contact or not. The voice will sound just like any of your other thoughts in your head. It is important to identify it is it the ordinary everyday garbage that haunts most of us in the head or is there another quality of thoughts that you hear in your head? Emotions can also be part of the whole. There can also be contact during sleep in the dream. The higher self can also be perceived in another form with which you then conduct a conversation.
It can also be that you do not notice anything at first glance. Until you find out that you often act differently than usual. As if you suddenly had a different view from a higher vantage point. As if you were seeing more of the bigger picture. That would be a good sign that your higher self is more anchored in you.
But that is not done with a one-time two-hour session - it just helps to stay tuned.


Thank you Sahiela. I never tried to find way to communicate with higher being, until lately. your suggestions are valuable to me, as personally, i cannot distinguish between demonic force and my so called higher beings. I always hesitate to try. Maybe i will not reject all the sounds/image i had in my head and observed them more!


Hi Mucc
It is always a pleasure for me to be able to help. I want to tell you about a dream that I once had a few years ago. In this one the devil met me at least he claimed to be the devil and he wanted to scare me. My reaction to it in the dream was to say “I love you come let me hug you”. Which he didn’t really like. At least he always yelled at me, I should hate him and be scared of him. But since I didn’t do this, he was blown away and completely beside himself. Then I woke up that is why I remember this dream so well.
Well it was probably just a metaphor of my subconscious with a learning effect. Now demons and other negatives want you to hate, feel fear and stress. They live on it and they find someone who meets them with love absolutely hideous. They can’t stand that and usually take off again very quickly. Simply because you have nothing to attach energetically to and nourish them.
.The new field “Restore Etheric Body and Close Aura Gaps” is particularly helpful. That should definitely help throw out foreign energies and voices that do not belong to you. What is left then definitely belongs to you.
At least if a voice tells you you have to fight or should hate something I would be careful to follow the advice. Because in the moment you become vulnerable to negative energies.
I also read your tread about Heartwalls in the Sapien forum and I can say that there were some really helpful tips there. Which is well worth following if your time allows.
Unfortunately I cannot register there because I never receive confirmation emails. Even with 3 different email accounts. But I also have a lot more time for beeing helpful here. :wink:


Thank you for sharing your experience. I highly appreciate it because it is good to learn from people’s experience. Usually, when things come to me without my concensus, i will chant mantra and the whole scenary will change or disappear. But as you said, it is better to learn how to face them. Yes, remain calm is the critical key. In theory, it should be like, i am just watching a movie, but in practise, sometimes, if that creature looks extremly huge and strong, i do have fear and want to run away. Yes, i have fear in my system.

Thank you, and happy new year!

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I just see that I have not translated a block of my message with google translater. Let’s see if I can still change that. I wish you happy new year too. :sweat_smile:

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