Can the audios still effect us?

@Maitreya , can the audio still affect us if we have ear plugs in? I.E. When we sleep? Like can it still penetrate our aura?

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has to be hearable at a certain level to get into subconscious

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I was under this impression too. And still think that. But someone introduced a concept to me, that it will absorb into your aura(kind of like a dog tag, or a mandala) regardless. Well, they said that with Dream’s fields, so I am trying to see if it’s true or not with Maitreya’s also. But I feel the same way. But would like to hear it from the creator herself, just to make sure.

That’s what she has told me in the past, also have seen multiple times all over sapien/dreams fields but maybe something has changed :lying_face:

yes i agree with exactly.the fields penetrates your aura like mandalas and the like. and even if you don’t consciously listen to the audios, your subconscious understands the fields through your body whether the sound waves are vibrating on your body or in your aura. experience it and tell us how you are evolving, it will be very enriching for us :+1:


Thanks alot bro. I will give it a try soon, I think.

Maitreya has said a few times that speakers are better than headphones/earbuds because the field interacts with your aura, not just your ears. I can’t recall if she said that on these forums, on Patreon, or on YouTube.


I usually only use speakers. But with Dream’s audios, for many months straight, I’d used ear buds, and still got quick results. But, I am not talking about ‘ear buds’. Ace was telling me he had these plugged into his ears as he slept, with the audios playing:


So I am trying to figure out if it’s the same with her audios as well.

Well, always remember that morphic fields and energetically programmed audios are different beasts, so not everything is evenly applicable to both.

Hence, is the reason why I am asking a question. But I don’t even think it’s true for Dream’s audios.

Yeah, I have over night playlists as well, but I don’t use earplugs like those because I get pain when I wear them for longer than an hour or two. Instead, I just play them on the lowest volume setting I can.


Oh, I understand. I do that too, but the reason why I am trying to find out, is because some of them are a bit too noisy for me. Lol. So if this is true, man it’d be pretty awesome. As I can sleep with those just fine.

Yeah, it’s definitely true that you can get results even if you can’t hear the audio. It’s been mentioned before that people who are deaf will still benefit, as the energy in the audio will interact with their aura.

It’s also been recommended for those who like subliminals to play their subs through earbuds while they play energy field audios through speakers to benefit from both simultaneously.

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Their subconscious still picks it up, as nothing is blocking the passageway.(the ears) So I am still trying to figure it out.

Yeah, I’ve played subliminals with morphic fields at the same time and still get results.

Here’s one way you could think of it. The ears of the physical body don’t work, which is why they’re deaf, but the “ears” of their energy bodies still work.

Not a perfect analogy…

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Why do silent subliminal audios work when we can’t hear anything ?! yes they work because many have tried and they have testified to their effectiveness. even very large subliminal manufacturers like Apold make very powerful silent subliminals which give good results.You can go to the Youtube channel (and its patreon): absolute power subliminal. (And many other subliminal manufacturers who make silent subliminals with good results).

do you know the youtube channel programmed intention ?! it only offers silent energetic audios (+ mandalas, which are also silent …lol). Although you can hear nothing (even people with excellent hearing), you can feel the energy affecting you, and if you do not feel anything, Then you will certainly see the results in the following days, as you can see in the comments on his Youtube channel.

There are also reiki transmissions, several youtube channels, have silent reiki audios that get results. Is it a placebo effect ?!

So with those above, we just demonstrated in a practical way with experiments that even if you don’t hear anything, you can still have subliminal audio results and energetic audios.

What you need to know and understand is that the human eye can only see the spectrum of visible light (namely the radiations of the 7 colors of the rainbow and their mixture between them), But there are also the ultraviolet (which are there range above the visible radiations), and the infra-reds (which are the radiations below the visible range). All of this light radiation (ultraviolet and infrared) is not visible to the naked human eye, yet it is light and it affects us even if we cannot see it.But one thing is certain, your brain perceives them without you realizing, and even if you are not aware of them.

It’s like subliminal images, the human eye cannot see things that move beyond a certain speed, but if you put subliminal images that move faster than the perception of the eye in the television news, you will see that you manipulate the opinions and therefore the population (this has already been done in the past and is now prohibited by the law).

And so you understand yourself that it is the same for the ears, they have their limit of perception beyond and below which they can not hear anything, my your brain hears and he understands, and it is because the brain understands them when you cannot hear anything that we can do silent subliminals, I am talking in particular of infrasound and ultrasound.
But all this doesn’t really matter because these aren’t sound affirmations in the audios, but it’s energy working.

In the same way that light is picked up by the eye, and sound is picked up by the ear, energy is picked up by your energetic body, and even if your mind is not aware of this energetic interaction, your brain perceives the energetic interactions of your energy body very well (exactly as it is with eyes and ears), it’s just that you are not fully aware of it.And when we talk about an energetic body, we are necessarily talking about the aura of the person.

I already knew what you said about subliminals, since you could turn up a subliminal as loud as you want(if it’s made at the right frequency I.E. Ultra-sound) and still the conscious mind will not pick it up. Even can have loud music layered over it, or some other loud noises. But the subconscious mind will still be able to pick up MANY things that the conscious mind can’t. (Subconscious mind picks up millions of data information every second, sight, sound, smell, feeling, etc.) I also know about the the silent ones from different creators as well, as that is how the energy is imbued initially when it was made. I also have been known(I had posted about it over at the Sapien forum many times) that the music is just a medium for the energy to be transferred. It could be through a buzzing sound, URL, picture, music, etc. But it can also be programmed(by the creator) to work only while listening to it, touching it, or staring at it, and etc…(I.E. Healing code cards) The creator can program the energy to work whatever/whichever way she/he wants. Only the creator truly knows how the energy is used and etc. And I have only heard her saying something about needing to be able to listen to the energy, so that’s the reason I am asking.


very well it’s perfect then, just for me, it’s the energy body that interacts with the energy, so no need to listen, just being in the area of ​​influence is enough, and the area of ​​influence is delimited by the range of the sound, the louder the sound, the Farther it goes and The energy will have the same range as the sound (unless it has been programmed differently), as long as we are in this space, even if we are hard of hearing, we are affected by the energy field (and we will be able to have results).we all agree and it’s very good :+1::+1:


Thank you bro.

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I was searching for an answer to this very question - “If I am deaf, will these still work?”

Thank you!