Sound field vs mandala picture field

Hi, I don’t get one thing – the sound field people should play 2 or 3 times a day, but the picture mandala which is much stronger people can use / keep close to a body entire day, no logic to me; anybody can help to understand this, please?

This is how they are programmed.

but obviously we can combine and use both the sound and mandala fields, right?

I’m pretty sure you can use both mandalas and audios . Me personally i prefer Mandalas and Pendant as i can’t really listen to audios because my tinnitus starts acting up more worse . There’s many advantages to using a mandalas because you don’t have to waste hours listening to audio fields and all you have to do is carry on pockets or wear it on your body . Because you are carrying mandalas on your body so they work better to integrate in your auric system body and they work on you 24 hour clock until you decide to take if off . Whereas with audio fields they only work when you listen for that hour. Plus when i am wearing a Mandalas i feel more connected to it because i can pull it out and look at it and visualize my goals. Sometimes i look at it and meditate to it


Yes, you can combine sound and mandala fields.

thank you for explanation, what do you think from your experience - from 1 day up to 3 months of using particullar field should be enough?

it’s hard to say because everybody reacts differently .Some people are able to manifest their desire goals instantly and some weeks or months . For instance i was able to see instant result on that same day i bought Male face golden ratio. And also the Rolfing structural Mandalas work within 1 day to resolve my sciatica issues. But i also have some other Mandalas that i’m still working on that hasn’t come to fruition yet like win Lottery mandalas and Hearing and Sight mandalas which i’m seeing some slight improvement . But basically what it all comes down to is your belief system . Just like the Law of attraction if you believe you are beautiful then you will manifest into that beautiful person, but if you still hold doubts or your subconscious doesn’t believe it’s possible for you then your manifestation won’t work or might take longer .

Thank you VK23. I can say that I am quite new to this stuff. My curiosity pushed to me to check it and I played a field on youtube. Next day in a mirror, I saw some unwanted changes on my body. I tried to fix this and now it got even worse. I started doing a research and it seems like my parents passed onto me a recessive gene (mutation), so I have to fix my DNA before start fixing side effects from fields.
Winning a lottery it is a quite complex achievement I think, because so many people are involved into it, so they add own information into the field.