Coherence of the 3 Dantiens

This field will create a coherence between the three main centers in the human body. This can have many benefits that are different for every person depending on his lifestyle and character. At first, you will feel more centered in yourself, more grounded, with more confidence and power in yourself. Your emotions will balance the thoughts you have. It will give a nice fresh and new feeling full of your whole power.

Digital Mandala: Coherence of the 3 Dantiens - MaitreyaFields


Can this be upgraded to also seal any energy drainage and parasites/thoughtforms that feed off energy from the dantians?

If it doesnt have so already


What a great idea! ^1


… Ejem…


Is this similar to Heart Coherence - Which Aids in Manifestation?

I was reading a book called - Family of Light - it’s a channelled book from the Pleiadians (it’s from the 1980’s- so not new) and they state that when we sync our three brains (brain, heart and gut) and focus on what we want - we send our will /command/thought-form (whatever you prefer) out into the ether and it manifests.


It should be not only similar to heart coherence but exponentially stronger.


Can you put this on Patreon? Thanks


Thank you!!! Exactly what I wanted to know as I was thinking of getting Sapien’s Heart Coherence of Gumroad. Now I won’t.

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Counter opinion, although I may be wrong

Heart coherence is working on a different form of energy, energy system, and while 3 dantiens coherence does for sure have MORE and more comprehensive and awesome benefits in comparison, I think heart coherence is worth having and using as well

If anything this field and heart coherence would make both fields work better and do more

Magnetic heart coherence when achieved, as well, is worth having the field to give you heart coherence because heart coherence makes your body do MASSIVE amounts of really good things

Edit: Also its not terribly expensive and really i just personally think using both is WAY more ideal, for example heart coherence scientifically is proven to provide a boost in social interaction with people someone with heart coherence comes physically near enough to and interacts with


What the difference between this and the 3 Treasures field? Would this replace it?


I wish I knew because thats a hell of a question

Hypothesis: Will help and reduce your depletion rate and you need three treasures less but both are relevant

Pls always correct me if I’m wrong but I’m not even sure about that hypothesis

It’s just more an educated guess but I’m not the man to go to for chi and jing and kundalini types of things lol


Actually the more I think on it and consider what Atreides linked to, the less sure how correct my counter opinion was…

He might be right, idk.


It’s just an article. Meaning to me it’s a concept that’s up for grabs to take or leave. Or to test and try out. It made sense to me at the time at least.

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Well I was thinking like

Sapien’s heart coherence, I know it’s working with the magnetic field of the human body, with the heart and brain

Both have neurons, so does the gut, and all 3 are where the dan tiens are

But the dan tiens are related to chi, jing and shen if I’m not mistaken

So like… this field i think operates with… not the magnetic field

So my reasoning is both, in that case, do separate things but definitely would benefit both

Idk that’s the extent of my thinking and ability to figure that out

Also you’re okay and I know thats all that was lol but your article is a really good one and it’s good you put it here


And the gut has long been called the second brain. So it all fits together. Heart-math plus the old gut brain.


I reread the description and like

You’re right

I… idk, the three treasures are messing me up and I thought like… Dan tiens referred to like, some separate system to the magnetic field

Idk, coherence I guess is the word I really need to look at as the key to helping me get that right

My visualization of all that was incorrect I guess lol

Does make sense though, me brains just be trying to learn, maybe I should give them more coherence to help



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