Coherence of the 3 Dantiens


Don’t be a “yes man”. Question everything… :joy:

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Yeah im curious what’s going on😂

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It was an error caused by the system. I have restored your post.


This is also very helpful. Good for the Qi flow and I will enjoy my Qigong practice more.


Do you have more energy? I mean being full of vigour

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Thank you for all the amazing creations. Does this balance jing chi and shen? I have a lot of jing in my tank but sometimes struggle to convert it to chi and shen (mostly because i don’t have enough time to practice and just perform chi compression in the lower dan tien in the morning)

It works on balancing those three centres, so I am not sure if that would involve compression or conversion.

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I had one more question. Does this field include an energy boost in the three centers? I understand the three treasures field does that, but I am looking for a milder option for now.

If you have a low level in any of them, it will increase it. It’s about balancing them, 3 Treasures is intensively boosting.

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The formula for manifestation= mind-heart-guts.

Wonderful field Maitreya. Thank you.

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In order to have optimum balance physically, emotionally and mentally we align these 3 brains/dan tiens within the physical body. When we have good postural alignment and our head is over our heart and our heart is over our gut, we move better, breathe better, have better organ functions, clearer thinking, fuller respiration and we even look more centered. When the energy in our gut tells us the same thing as our emotions and our logic, decisions are made from all levels of our being.

As we move in alignment/awareness together, the entire human species evolves into the divine creatures we are capable of being: caring for one another physically, emotionally and mentally. We are finally starting to become fully human, thriving together instead of surviving alone trying to beat out the “other guy.” We are evolving into a better version of ourselves where our 3 brains work in harmony balancing us from within so as individuals our balance creates better harmony throughout our world. We are the solution each and every day. Balance yourself and balance your world.

Beautiful article. Thanks for sharing.