Climate change concerns

Does anyone else think its a good idea to engineer plants to eat more co2 and give off more oxygen? Anyone want to share ideas? I was thinking like a little orgone generator or making co2 algae scrubbers more efficient.

I was wondering if anyone wanted to or found a way to make it so plants eat more co2 and give off more oxygen to slow down the whole mess? I replaced my desktop with a cellphone…like a 1000 watt gaming PC with a old android with a USB dock very fast and energy efficient…

I don’t know what to do I’m really worried about this planet. I want to invent and find ways to fix all that. I don’t know what’s going to happen I think we should check?

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I think you worry too much…


Climate change is bullshit, at least for the next few centuries none of this will reach anywhere, our planet is much more powerful than people think, a thousand trees are cut down and two thousand trees grow in their place, the regeneration capacity of planet earth is extremely high, and no human intervention is needed for it to happen, and climate change will always happen and always go without human intervention, just as we had an ice age with nothing being done, human intervention is minimal in Regarding climate change, we do not have technologies strong enough to strongly impact the world climate today.


Try the Divine Truth field.

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Climate change is a hoax. Just an excuse for governmemts to steal even more of our money. We are the carbon they want to get rid of.


Climate change is one of all bullsh!ts and manipulations that “they” are trying to put in people’s minds to increase the agenda of “how bad are the human beings”. To put guilt, fear, and other things which are like cords to make you feel worthless, evil, and other things (that are not true). I stopped a long time ago to watch modern movies and listen to modern songs with those agendas which are so easily installed subconsciously when you are in a state of slow waves of the brain. Like, when you watch a movie you sit on your couch, relax after the long day, shut your mind off, etc…

The last movie I watched by Marvel had so many subliminals about how God doesn’t exist, or God doesn’t give a damn for you, how the bad guy is the cool guy and many more. So, keep a distance from such things, as the news and all topics for “improving the world” and “how dangerous humans are”.

There is nothing in the world to be improved as it’s already perfect the way it is.


wow i didn’t know marvel was doing that shit but yes we should be careful what we are watching listening :smiley:

It’s for this reason that I’m always shielded. @Maitreya , I would talk to you about something that I’m doing in this period, I think that you’ll find it interesting. I can’t pm directly to you, you know. :slight_smile:

the ignorance in this thread is apalling.

climate change is an irrefutable scientific fact. very easy to see and very easy to understand. denying it sounds so crazy as people denying that water boils and transforms into steam, or that the Earth is round. i don’t understand why people in these circles fall to irrationality. the sole manner of speaking speaks volumes of arrogance and ignorance. which is very sad as it also echoes right wing propaganda paid by the oil and old interests of this system.

I suggest you check things like MEER or geoengineering. Some of the few available options. afaiu, orgone doesn’t work as it redirects the energy in the system, so it works like normal rain creation tech, taking the rain potential from somewhere else to create it in some other place.

Effectively there was a solution to climate change. Or there probably is, but radical change is needed and selfishness doesn’t let people act. You’d think people in these circles would be less like that, but self-absorption is a norm in them too it seems.

As the system falls, lots of people will suffer due to the heat, food, and water scarcity. And other life forms will go extinct, and then humans too, or at least the poor ones like us… Best wishes to everyone. <3

there are few groups dedicated to finding solutions afaik. as the only possible solutions depend on the systemic-collective… as this is a systemic problem, so individual solutions are mostly frustrating.

but ask on fb groups related to climate change. there’s people interested.

I don’t watch Telivision its just that I had a encounter with people being bad and joy riding on purpose to melt the ice caps intentionally and I didn’t know what to say I must’ve seen (I think it was mapquest hacking) I did get law enforcement involved actually but 30 something cars and I live next to the through way so there was no reason to drive down my street but it was like 30 cars daily just whipping past my street ever since that day. I don’t think its a hoax =\ I was just wondering if you guys think we should have something like hacking algen air aeriums or you’re saying thats a no no beceause its a red flag?

I dunno maybe hacking one of those to have like 1000x the output for the lulz?