Share your tips for Energy Sensitivity, Fields Effectiveness

Can we please share tips for improving energy sensitivity and field effectiveness? Tools, tips, etc.?


I found a very helpful post by @NotFrank on Sapien forum.

Hello everyone, I thought I’d start a thread sharing how I went from being completely unaware of subtle energies to being fully energy sensitive. All in all this process took somewhere between 12-18 months of my life.

My goal wasn’t to be energy sensitive, it was to overcome long-term illness. However, energy sensitivity just kind of happened unexpectedly and only in hindsight did I understand why.

My journey started with diet & detoxing. I had a phase in my life where I really cleaned up my diet & detoxed often. Once I got a lot of the gunk out of my system, I started to notice the beginnings of energy sensitivity.

Anyone living in a Western Nation has to struggle with toxicity embedded in their food, especially those in the USA. I thought of this like washing away the corrosion from battery terminals - getting everything cleaned up inside just helped things to work better, and allowed energy conductivity that was inhibited before.

But, that only did a little bit, like I couldn’t feel crystals, but I could start to understand being empathic, as very strong emotions around me I could feel, when before I was oblivious.

My sensitivity increased more when I did a daily water regimen, where I drank at least a gallon of distilled water a day (pure distilled water is like a dirt magnet - it’s VERY detoxing, and also one of the few ways to detox the brain).

Reverse Osmosis water isn’t good enough, it must be steam distilled (I bought a water distiller for this purpose). I did the water thing every day for 6 months, and my sensitivity just kept getting better and better, and it REALLY helped to open up my higher chakras.

I would not recommend switching to distilled water permanently, but used to flush out the nooks and crannies of the body, it works very well. Drink ~8 ounces on the hour, every hour and you’ll get through a gallon a day easily. Do it every day for 4-6 months. Careful googling this, there’s lots of mis-info about water. Also, if you’re concerned about losing minerals, buy an angstrom trace minerals supplement (hard to find, but they do exist), or eat more raw, fresh fruits & veggies to compensate.

Lastly, I took a high-quality C60 product for a few months, and that REALLY seemed to ramp up the sensitivity. C60 is a carbon molecule structured in such a way that it forms a 60-sided geometric shape, and that shape gives it very interesting properties, which you can read up on if you’re curious.

C60 is also controversial, as many think it’s a hoax, and there’s also many vendors that sell junk/fake products, which only further reinforces the idea that it doesn’t work. But, I’ve always taken the scientific approach of let’s test it and see how the experiment plays out. It really had an effect on me and I felt the change, so I’m going to stick with my experience over what other people say.

I got mine from:

C60 Carbon-60 Solvent free, 40 mg in 50 ml olive oil

and it worked quite well (actually all the products at that website work surprisingly well). Supposedly, C60 embeds itself in the cell membrane wall, permanently changing/improving the cells’ energy conductivity.

To me, this at least makes some sense why I’d start feeling subtle energy more - if I permanently upgraded the cells in my body to better conduct energy, then that means I’d probably be able to pick up small, subtle signals that didn’t get through before. I also muscle tested to see if the C60 really did help my energy sensitivity, and I got a strong confirmation that it did.

After the C60, I was very energy sensitive, could pick up on the subtle emotions of others, could perceive the energy of crystals & tensor rings, etc. After this, I got very much into using sound healing to clean/detox/heal my energy body, which led into something else, which led…you get the idea. Now I’m learning about morphic fields & psychic work - there’s always more to learn!

So, there you go everyone, that’s my story, take it for what you will. If any of you decide to give any of these things a try, I wish you the best of luck!

TL/DR: Clean up your diet, detox, drink lots of distilled water for 6 months straight, and try C60 from a reputable vendor.


Thank you for this sharing :slightly_smiling_face:, I seem to have seen it also on the Sap.Med forum.


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In a while I will be testing this for a deep cleansing of the body. Mainly for physical and mental well-being. Healing and recovery improve but also in the logic its will allow me to increase my energy sensitivity.

For a good cleaning of the lymph I will use the audios below:

  • lymphatic blockage removal (sap med)
  • far infrared light therapy. (sap med)
  • Full body detox. (sap med)
  • eternal cleaner (Maitreya)

I would consume powdered zeolite with energized water (infra and light plasma drinking field) to capture toxins and heavy metals during detoxification.

I will do this each morning on an empty stomach until lunch.

Besides, of course, I will maintain a healthy diet as much as possible and the regular consumption of super foods (spirulina, macca, moringa etc.) :grin:.

To increase the effects of the energy fields I would keep with me the mandalas of Maitreya, energy sensitivity and quantum booster.

And finally I will put the audios fields on a metallic object to keep them constantly on me :slightly_smiling_face:. Ideally ,for me,it is to have the 30 day version for the practical side.

So with you this I should have an energy sensitivity which amplifies over time and results faster :slightly_smiling_face:.


Zeolite is a great idea! Might I suggest using this one, as it also contains humic & fulvic acids which are extremely effective detox & nutrition aids.


there is the vibration of creation (sapiens),
The sapiens course audio: body primer and energy sensitivity,
Of course, (audio too) the mandala of energy sensitivity of maitraya that has already been mentionned,
The tool of healingtool4you : Increase energy sensitivity to all tools from all manufacturers up to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 X (only for people not sensitive to energy).

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also its important to have clean internal, I use maitreyas eternal cleaner 3x, quadible integrity has fields for liver etc which I use… sapien too… energetic alchemy = politiks of the body… eat light/fast etc