Christ Consciousness / Boosted

File is too large for Gumroad so i uploaded it to website. You can download it from there for free.

Christ Consciousness - Activate DNA / Meditation + Energy Charged

This field is charged to help you to enter the depths of your being, to remember who you are. Your clairvoyant and telepathic abilities, which are your original right, will be activated in time. That multidimensional quantum part of DNA that is still dormant will be activated. That part which contains all the strength and power of your being. This meditation will help you heal your physical, emotional and mental bodies. Fears, mental problems, extra pounds - all this will melt and disappear. You will achieve inner peace, harmony, satisfaction, peace, health and resilience. Through this audio you will achieve the opening of the third eye, activation of the pineal gland, thymus, thyroid gland and the multidimensional part of DNA. The most important thing is to awaken the universal love in your heart, surpassing all other goals. You will rise above the level of daily consciousness, in those higher realms where light, love and joy reign. You can use headphones. Music is made for meditation and it will work better than multitasking.


Um, can I ask how much stronger is this than the Patreon version? Knowing how strong the Patreon version was, I am wondering what to expect from this. :smiley:


gumroad and website are x3 times more boosted than youtube and patreon


@Maitreya Thanks for making it freely available. :pray:


I join the sentiment. Thank you. :slight_smile:

From the previous topic with the Youtube/Patreon version, this file seems personal and important to you.


This is actually a very BIG topic that is being worked on my many at this current time in our reality. I never doubted Maitreyas connection to this but very happy to see a field from the team.


Thank you for making this freely available, that’s very kind of you.


can this audio replace clairaudience audio and clairvoyance audio ?!

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Very kind of you to do this, thanks for making everything better around and by the way amazing forum.


I could tell you, this is one of the biggest boosters out there. It’ll give you results of weeks in days. And of days in hours. I can sense the restructuring of my physical changes instantly after listening to this awesome field.


This field makes me so peaceful, and happy. Its like all worries are gone while I listen.


I’ll try tonight.
I remember I tried an isochronic tone for Christ Conciousness (I think it’s the 33hz frequency) and was good.
This is way more powerful of course.


Enjoyed the boosted one very much. Didn’t fall asleep this time. My mind constantly went to the beach and sunset. Relaxing hour. Didn’t expect to get anything freaky, didn’t either and that’s ok.

Weirdly, I have a pressure in my head starting from my spine and going up into head… starting from vertabrae where shoulder blades are. Plus, I can feel my third eye. Not physically, but sorta like imagined weight that is following me in the air. I forget these abstract sensations are real as I tend to experience them for a moment, not for like 20 minutes after the meditation.

Edit: I didn’t mention this yesterday, because this happened like 4 hours after the first meditation. I started seeing bullshit. Like, we all have unconscious reasons to do something, whether it’s a lingering strategy that was effective in childhood, but is not now, or it’s something from a trauma we experienced… or maybe it’s unreleased emotion or belief… but we do something and then consciously find reasons to make it sound better.

So, I saw through my own bullshit. And I sat there, wanting to do bullshit and then adding bullshit reasoning on top of that, but knowing that I am better… Instead of doing bullshit and thinking that I am a bad human being, I sat there and knew that I am this amazing, worthy person who’s literally goodness and that I am just doing something that is not me… and that I can stop doing it and it’s ok… it’s time now to stop. And I didn’t, no matter how much my body wanted to at the time.


I call bullshit! Lol

On my experience?

Just wanted to say bullshit as well. Messing around

Fair. I might’ve overdone it a bit. It was so funny to have this conviction that it’s so unnecessary for me.

I second this

they are different
clairaudience audio and clairvoyance is pushing your brain to do it forcefully
and with this audio it will happen more naturally,
first you will reach zero state / pure consciousness and after that abilities will start to activate

In my opinion the second way is slower… but better, because you know who you truly are
with the slower way you won’t use the abilities you get with the view of your traumas, fears, etc.


How would u describe the differences between the Buddha consciousness field and the Christ consciousness field?