Can i combine 4 fields into one wav file?

I would like to know if its safe to combine 4 audio fields from gumroad and export it into a WAV file in my audio workstation. The fields i would like to combine is:

  1. Androstenol rain sound (Gumroad version)
  2. Androstenone (Gumroad version)
  3. Androsterone (Gumroad version)
  4. Ultimate Alpha Male Radiance (Gumroad version)

With all due respect to Maitreya the reason i would like to do this is to have the rain sound from Androstenol overpower the other musical tracks because i cannot tolerate the music from those tracks any longer because of it getting stuck in my head.
Will this mess up the energies from the tracks?


You can do it, but cannot guarantee will work as the originals, but you can use the originals one by one at lowest level volume with your phone near your body, can be in the pocket, for don’t disturb u the sound, so you get the original effects for sure…

And also have the storage creator option without sounds, you can have it with you 30 min a day or so, to don’t overuse if the audio states a limit recommended


Yes there is no guarantee! Just play them separately. Slow and steady wins the race!!!


Short answer: No :slight_smile:


Is there any way possible to get silent options for the gumroad versions?

You can use 10% volume


@Maitreya how far will the energy reach from the device if 10% volume is used?

If you can hear it, you get the energies.


got it thank you @NotFrank