Can excessive use of the fasting camp cause gastritis?

I have been using the fasting audio for some time, in the first days I used to hear about 20 minutes, but I saw that it didn’t work, I decided to put it in a storage item, so the results came, it was very useful, but just over 1 week later I started to suffer from gastritis, I’m young, and I take care of my diet, I don’t drink soda, like fast food, or any food that can cause gastritis, it was something so sudden and strange, besides it started very strong, cases of gastritis tend to have a progressive worsening, but this was not the case, could it be that the excess of time I use in a storage item or fasting audio could have caused this? Maybe by sungazing? I don’t know, I’m not blaming Maitreya or his team as it was my decision to use it on a storage item, I just wonder what’s causing it.

When you fast, your body redirects all the energy it was spending on digesting food & eliminating waste to healing & detoxing. When you heal & detox, old symptoms always resurface and are felt very strongly at first, then slowly fade until they are gone forever.

Stick with it to whatever extent you are able.

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The issue is not fasting, I’m used to fasting for a long time, I haven’t done anything different from the routine since I started using this field, but I’m getting better all the way, I’m not sure if that’s it, just curious about what happened .