Fasting Fury - Feel No Hunger

This field is made to reduce your feeling of hunger and also give a commands to your body and subconscious to get the energy you need from environment and sun light. We included also in the field Sun Gazing automated which will give you energy even if you are not outside of your home.

Boosted version:


Finally someone speaks my language!


Ah, very nice, that is definitely helpful to get into ketosis. That the body is no longer so dependent on sugar. :heart_eyes:


By the gods, I needed just that.


Very cool. You make so many unique helpful fields - Thank you!


Great!! thanks Maitreya for this field :slightly_smiling_face::pray::yellow_heart::sunny:


Just a day or two ago, my spiritual guidance essentially told me that if I really want to achieve a certain goal of mine, I need to go on a fast again.

I’m always glad to see when we’re all synced up. :smiley:


Living on light?

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About to pair this with Photosynthesis

Awww yeah ready to feel it NOW BOYSSS :sunglasses:


And Super Human Mutant by SM…and Extract Energy from the Quantum Vacuum by MF


@Maitreya will this be on Gumroad? Totally buying this one lol

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Programmed_Intention also has a “Pranic Living Fasting” but is only available under its patron.

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Boosted version uploaded in Gumroad for whoever needs it. :slight_smile:


Well I definitely need the boosted version. And nice that it is already on Gumroad. Especially since my goal is to get by without food and only go out to eat now and then on special occasions. Because it is so that you usually feel worse after eating than before.


I recommend to programm your mitochondria to nourish from eternal source if you really want that.

Hmm, I’m sure it’s possible, but I don’t know how to do it.

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I guess this one would be the easy and automated way:

(best to not miss a day and do this so long as possible)

Also i recommend to learn to draw energy from your circumstance and to charge yourself.

Using this, plasma charged mitochondria and sapiens photosynthesis is always a good idea.

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Hm, is it normal that you cannot download the item you have purchased from this website right away? :thinking:

Yes, I will definitely make a storage item with the other audios on the subject.

Yes she will send it later to you.

That’s good to know, I’m a bit worried. But it’s interesting how much there is out there and hardly anyone knows about it.